Happy New Year!

I hope everyone had a safe and happy new years eve, I was asleep before midnight, so I know I was safe!
As you all know I have had a long love affair with coffee, it continues today in a big way. It may come as a shock to all of you, that although I love coffee I have never invested in an expensive coffee maker. Until now. I saw a Cuisineart coffee maker that I fell in love with, had to have, so I got it! It grinds the coffee beans and makes the coffee all at once, how amazing is that! You have the option to use already ground coffee or you can use the fresh coffee beans. This morning I have already finished one pot of freshly ground coffee bean coffee! I think I am in love, the coffee maker is courtesy of Alex’s Christmas present to me.
Yesterday we tried the Twisted Root hamburger place everyone has been raving about. Well let me tell you, it lived up to the hype, wow, that burger rocked! it was perfection and I am not a big hamburger person, but I will be going back to this place. It was so big I could only eat like a fourth of it! Well worth the price and well worth the trip, we went to the one in Fairview. Love that place as well, will have to go back with Elizabeth Anne and make a day of shopping and lunch. They have amazing shops and lots of stuff to look at there.
We also went to Grapevine to the British Emporium, another well worth the trip scenarios. We found the Irish sausages I am in love with, American sausage just cannot compete. I can’t even begin to describe the flavor, it is just smooth, American sausage tends to be gristly, but this is not. I am in love!
We also went to the movies, we saw Sherlock Holmes, it was good, I love Robert Downey Jr, he is just greatness, loved the very last scene. Will not spoil it just in case you have not seen it.
We had a whole day of running errands, from the Apple store to Costco to the afore-mentioned happenings, it was our anniversary and it was a simple day.
It was nice, we hardly ever get to spend the day just running around and being slightly carefree.
I am making my 15 bean soup today, which only Elizabeth and I love, I don’t know why, because it rocks. It is a tradition that I make on New Years day, Elizabeth comes and takes half, then we feast, for a while. She told me yesterday she has been craving it, me too Elizabeth, me too. It is cooking as I write this. I hope everyone has a great day, a great start to the new years and a great year.

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