I’ll Fly Away

Last night a friend on twitter posted that she didn’t know how to say goodbye, I knew immediately to what she was referring. Saying goodbye to someone you love is always hard, when my mom was leaving this earth, she told me it was not goodbye it was see ya in a little bit. In my family we have always referred to dying as going home. A home where there is no sense of time, so it would only be a little bit to the ones waiting for us there.
My mom had one hard request for her funeral, that at the end every person there stand up and sing “I’ll Fly Away”, she always said she just knew that song is what would propel her all the way to heaven. So, we did, we sang our hearts out, I am sure they could hear it all the way to heaven and she was smiling as she approached the pearly gates. I have no doubt that my friend will see her loved one in a little bit as I will see my mom in a little bit.
I have given up so much in the past year I have decided I will not give up anymore, I have given up sugar, most coffee treats at Starbucks and my beloved sour skittles. I refuse to give up my once in a while treat of Taco Bueno with Elizabeth Anne, so there you have it, no resolutions for me. I am just going to continue to live my life to the best of my ability and continue to move forward.
Did any of you make any resolutions you plan on keeping??? Some you plan on breaking rather quickly? Or are you like me and just sticking to your guns and going about your life without giving anything up? Would love to hear from you!

4 Replies to “I’ll Fly Away”

  1. I have no resolutions but I have decided no more diet coke for me. I’m having one a day till I finish what I have at home then I’m done.


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