A New Era

Day two of new year, so far so good, no huge catastrophes, no crisis, nothing above do I watch Star Trek the Next Generation on Sci-Fi or do I watch the Christmas Dr Who special again? I know, difficult decisions I must make.
I have off tomorrow as well, a full 4 days off, I am heady with the freedom of it all! What shall I do tomorrow? Shopping, a movie, pajama day? these are the burning questions I must ask myself.
I love my new coffee maker more each day, it just rocks, everything works and works well on it. I am going through two pots a day now! I wish I had an emoticon with a person running on fire, because that is how I feel right now! I could do anything! accompish all I need to in about an hour! If Chewie would cooperate I could even brush him! maybe vacuum him. The possibilities are endless!
Well not a lot going on today, must take down Christmas decorations and vacuum and get things together here, clean, laundry, make cookies for Elizabeth Anne. Little things like that, coffee will enable me to do it all in a flash! After I take my mega-doses of vitamins I will be even flashier!

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