Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad

Today is my parents wedding anniversary, and yes they were married on a Friday, so this day always signifies a good luck day in my family. My parents were amazing people, I know I tend to go on and on here about them, but honestly I don’t have the correct words to properly immortalize them.
They were amazing individually, and as a couple, they were just incredible. Their love of God came first, in all things, their love of their family came next, they always had their priorities in order.
They taught me so much, I think the one thing that stands out this day in particular, is the way they taught me how no one person is more important in a relationship. They both gave to each other freely, I saw it over and over, from the way my mom cooked things my dad would love, to the way he kept her sewing machines humming.
I used to love watching them in the evenings, quietly sitting and holding hands, it was so simple yet so telling. They had been together for years, yet they were so romantic with each other. Kissing like they would never see one another again when one would leave the house without the other. Holding hands while watching television, reading the bible out loud to each other, and my mom laughing at my dad’s jokes, even though I am sure she had heard them a million times.
I consider myself so fortunate for their good example in so many areas of life, being adopted, well it is a crap shoot on who you will end up with. I totally lucked out in the parent area, if God had asked me to choose, I could not have chosen for myself any better.
So, mom and dad, I hope your celebration today is as amazing and wonderful and as full of laughter as you were here on earth.
I love you always,
A grateful daughter

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