Godspeed Old Friend

Yesterday I had to say goodbye to a dear friend, no, not goodbye, I had to say see you in a little bit. God chose yesterday to be the day that Chewie went home. If you are one of those people who do not believe that our pets go to heaven, please refrain from commenting. I fully believe our pets will be there, the bible tells us that heaven is filled with the things we love. If anyone person or animal deserves to be in heaven, well it is Chewie.
I will miss him though, I did the minute he left this plane of existence, coming home without him was one of the hardest things I have experienced to date.
This amazing creature filled our lives with humor, kindness, vitality and a sense of belonging. He kept me in line, he let me know what my place was in the hierarchy of the pack, make no mistake about it, Chewie was the undeniable leader of the pack. He had this amazing sense of humor, he played tricks on me, and I know he was laughing at times. I miss his smile, already our home seems empty without him.
Nocona sensed something was terribly wrong, she did not want me to put him in the car yesterday, she tried to block the door. When I came home without him she went and laid by his bed and just looked at me.
I sit here having my coffee, and it is not the same, you see he would sit and stare at me while I would drink my coffee. He would keep my company in the mornings, it was that or he was trying to tell me I am an addict and need to slow down on the coffee.
I will be forever grateful to Jess for allowing him to spend his last 4 years with me, he was a good listener, although slightly judgemental, a great companion and a faithful friend.

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