Hard Day

It’s a rough day today, I find myself loathing the day I have to vacuum Chewies favorite spots. If I can keep his fur around, then he is not truly gone. I know I am going to have to vacuum eventually, but not today. He had three favorite spots, on his bed, in the corner in the dining room, and in the living room in front of where the television is. I haven’t moved his bed, I know I will have to take it apart and clean it, but not today. I don’t know what I am going to do with his things, I still have his food bowl on the floor next to Noconas. This morning when I fed her she looked at his bowl then looked at me, I said I am so sorry girl you have to eat alone today.
How do you say goodbye to such an amazing creature? I know people who are not animal people don’t really get it, but these creatures that come into our lives are part of our families, our hearts and our lives. When they go on to their reward in the ever after it hard on the ones left here. I honestly don’t know if I will ever get another dog. One, he cannot be replaced, b., it is too hard saying goodbye and III I still have Nocona.
On the upside, I got my new dishes yesterday, and I have unpacked them today, they are in the dishwasher getting all shiny as I type this. They are so pretty and bright! I cannot wait to sully then with food, not food I cook, as we all know I do not cook, but with food that I purchase already cooked.
Well I am going to go now, I have lots to do, and a short amount of time to do it in.

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