Casual Saturday, Dress Sunday

I love coffee mornings, oh, wait, that is every morning for me. Today is the beginning of my birthday week. Well, in actuality, I take the whole month for me and Elizabeth. Did everyone notice the weather changing? You’re welcome.
So yesterday was the first day I have cooked bacon since Chewie left us, man I miss that dog, he could beg better than anyone! Nocona is a poor second in the begging department. The bacon was good though, if anyone is wondering, bacon and pancakes. I have to tell you all something, I make the best pancakes ever. It is the only thing that I cook really well. I love my pancakes, that’s all. I allow myself one, sans syrup, with two strips of bacon, add coffee and you have a feast.
I have a lot on my mind right now, I am still forming the words, when I am ready to share, you all will be the first to know.
I do want to confess something, I have a new addiction, Scramble with Friends, I cannot stop playing it! I love it! Everyone should play this game, you will become addicted as well, yes, I know, I am a pusher.
Yesterday I was totally incognito, curly hair, no makeup and tennis shoes, I know, right! So unlike me, however today, since I will be around people that I know and some I don’t know, it will be straight hair, full makeup and heels. Must have armor on, must not show chinks in armor.

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