Coffee Grounds

Coffee fueled confession: Ok, so, I have a new coffee maker, one that grinds the beans then makes the coffee. Well, I do believe my mind is going, going, gone, due to the fact I cannot remember to clean the grounds out of the coffeemaker before making the next batch of coffee. It creates a huge mess and is slightly embarrassing, ok, more than slightly, especially when the Irishman is the one to discover the snafu. This morning it was me that made the discovery and had to clean up the mess. Due to the fact I wanted a second pot of coffee, yes, I said second pot. Don’t judge. So anyway, it is a huge mess, takes forever to clean those grounds up, one would think that would be my lesson, that I would stop after that. Apparently not, no lesson learned, I am sure it will happen again, until I go into the home.

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