Weekend Update

What a weekend, first on Friday I get a call from Tessa’s mother asking me if I would like to have Tess on Saturday. As she left a voicemail, I tried calling back, got vm, however not set up, sent a text saying of course. All day Saturday I was on a cleaning jag, the whole bedroom got the treatment, along with my closet; I now have two huge black trash bags and one box ready for goodwill.
Tessa arrives and we decide to take dinner to her daddy, so we go to Wendy’s and take dinner to Jeffrey. After playing for a long while and breaking bread, the two of us head back to the apartment. Tessa tells me in the car, “Gigi, I don’t like sleeping with you because you snore” and she begins to snort, and I said, well then I guess you get to sleep by yourself from now on. She then says “No, I’m not doing that, I’m just telling you.” And she continues to make snoring noises. I don’t even know where she gets this as I don’t sleep when she spends the night because she takes up the whole bed and is a kicker! Humph.
The next day was shopping with Elizabeth, we were on the hunt for my new favorite jeans, Kut from the Kloth, we went to the Dillard’s in Fairview and were told they did not carry them. However they did make the call to two other stores for us to find where the jeans were carried. So off to Willowbend we go. They do have the jeans and I ended up with two new pairs. What I love about shopping with Elizabeth Anne so much is first off, we go to Starbucks and second, I understand that I am comedy relief for her. As I am in the dressing room, trying the jeans she wants me to, I hit my head on the dressing room door, I can hear her chortling on the other side.
Next was lunch with the Irishman, we tried a new place in Plano, The Irish Ice House, it was pretty good, he said the Guinness was not good. Too cold, however the fish and chips were decent, the portion was just right, and the batter not to thick and it was tasty. We noticed they have a breakfast menu, they have the Irish sausage on there, we are totally going back for Sunday breakfast in a couple of weeks.
Then it was taking my car to Jeffrey, he is going back to work tomorrow, the incision looks good, many thanks to all of you who prayed for him and his surgery. My car is not behaving, so he is driving it to work today to see what is going on with it. Freddy was there and we got a good visit in, then home for the Oscars! I will write my thoughts on that in a separate post, just say, best speech, Christopher Plummer, best reaction, Octavia Spencer, so genuine, the both of them.
The best news saved for last I have, Alex is coming home tomorrow! So excited and happy to see my youngest, I do believe this is the longest he has been gone and I have missed him terribly. I hope everyone has a great Monday!

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