Wardrobe Malfunctions

yesterday was filled with wardrobe mishaps, first off, my jeans, I bought new Genetic Denim Jeans, so cool, well they are inordinately long. I knew I needed to take them to the tailor to have them hemmed, however I thought I have shoes high enough to wear with these jeans. Turns out I did not choose those shoes, and didn’t have time to change, was in a major time crunch as I was stopping by Wanda’s house on my way to work. Also forgot my belt, very import accessory with this type of jean Next I chose the wrong foundation garment to wear with the shirt I chose, no time to change. The shirt, the shirt I chose to wear is now too big in the middle. I know, right! Well, I felt like Monica in that episode everyone keeps thinking she is pregnant and she says “I’m burning this shirt”. I will not be wearing this shirt again. I grab my sweater and I am out the door. When I arrive at work I discover that I did not grab the 3/4 length sleeve Gap sweater, instead I have grabbed the long-sleeved American Eagle sweater.
I got off at 3 thank goodness it was plenty of time to go home and change into something fabulous for the 1759 extravaganza.
I go home and change into what has become my favorite pair of jeans cute top and ankle boots. I looked fabulous. Unfortunately for me the two people I was hoping would come did not. Oh well, still a good time was had. I hope today goes much better. Working out again today with my friend Kay. I hope I don’t sweat again.

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