A Great Day Indeed

Well, happy Thursday, I see another gateway day has graced us with it’s presence, very happy to see you friend. Has anyone ever noticed how happy Thursdays are? There is a joyousness that cannot be denied, an anticipatory feeling in the air. The weekend is near and anything is possible, a very happy day indeed. This week has been full of goodness, I got to see Jeffrey and Tess more than usual and Alex came home. I communicate with Elizabeth Anne almost every day, whether it is via text, twitter or actual voice. Life is good, I am a fortunate mother, I have amazing children.
Things are good at home, I have no complaints at this point in life, oh it doesn’t hurt that every single thing I ordered this weekend came in yesterday as well.
I renewed my license and the woman that was helping me said wow you have lost a lot of weight since this last picture was taken, I wanted to hug her, make her my new best friend. However since there is a man with a gun working at the DMV I decided not to hop the counter and left with a simple thank you.
Perhaps today will be a Starbucks day, I can practically hear the Passion Tea calling my name, I get it sans sweetener so it is 0 points. Oh, speaking of, did I tell you all I am completely off of te artificial sweeteners? I have switched to honey in my coffee and have not looked back. I do feel better, so far no sinus infections, we will see during the spring season, when it is so windy and there are so many allergins in the air.
Well people, I am totally out of here, looking forward to a good day at work and a good workout afterward. Oh wow, that last part made me literally laugh out loud. No such thing as a good workout!

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