Odd thoughts

What does one say when a child looks at you and tells you that they only feel safe when they are in your presence? The thoughts that go through my mind is what is her life like when she is not in my presence that I am the safety net? If she were my child I would be able to do some investigative work and get to the bottom of things, however since she is not mine I cannot do that. Good weekend so far, time spent with Jeffrey and Tessa, with Freddy popping in. I took the Irishmans daughters to visit with Tess, they all play so well together, that we stay a long time. Then it is a stop off at Target for milk and stuff, then home so they can unwind and get ready for bed. The Irishman coming home from work to read them a bedtime story, then bedtime.
They sleep a long time, they went to bed last night at like 10 and did not wake up until I woke them up at 10:30 this morning, I believe 12 and a half hours sleep is plenty. Breakfast then hit the floor running. I like being busy when they are here, so they don’t just sit doing nothing. I never allowed my children to sit and do nothing, always outside playing or inside playing, reading, heaven help them if they ever told me they were bored. Then it was cleaning up, I believe busy hands are not in trouble hands.

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