Anyone else watch the new show GCB on ABC last night? Is this Highland Park or what! Love those women, know many of them from Southern Baptists Churches here in Texas, of course those could have been baptist women anywhere. That prayer thing, man, right on target, prayer requests were almost like gossip sessions. Crazy nuts. Not all, there are many Southern Baptist women are are very sincere Christians, GCB has chosen to highlight the funny ones.
I had hit a plateau in my weight loss journey, I am happy to report that is over and I have started losing again, very happy about that. I seriously think I am looking pretty good, with my clothes on, which the majority of the time that is all that matters. But I want to be able to look at myself in the mirror after I get out of the shower and not be grossed out. So work hard I shall. How does one take a journey? One step at a time, I have lost the weight one ounce at a time.
Today is going to be a good day, I can feel it, I hope everyone has a good day, short entry today, lots on my mind, nothing writable at this point.

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