Weather Woes

So many thoughts so little time, I am saving what is really on my mind until this weekend when I have time to give my thoughts proper due. Until then, more vapidness, which you are used to!
Yesterday was another amazing looks day, I am loving the sudden weight loss again, I told you all I had been at a plateau, well that has ended. I look pretty darn good, and yesterday someone told me they thought I was in my mid to late 30’s. A good day indeed my friends, a good day indeed.
I am wearing my new Lucky jeans today with my favorite T-Shirt, as you know I do not wear T-Shirts very often, but my favorite is my Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Batgirl shirt. I love this girl power shirt. I have not worn it in a while, because, well it was supposed to be winter. I am so angry with the weather at this point, where was my winter weather? We could have at least had a few days of below freezing temperature. For those of you who love the warm weather, well summer is going to be your fault. The horrible insect issues we will be having, your fault. I want you all to take full responsibility right now.
Whew, that felt good! Ok, off to finish getting dressed, makeup, hair, lights, ACTION. Oh wait, wrong industry!

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