Ashley’s Journey

Last night I watched another episode of My 600 lb Life, this time it was Ashley’s story, she was well over 600 pounds and young. In her 20’s, her whole family was heavy, she was the first to decide to do something about it. Now her family was not as heavy as she, but they were and are hefty. Ashley did not do as well as Henry, I don’t know if it is age or mindset or the environmental factors. At the end of the show she was down by 345 pounds, she should have been at her goal weight, her loss was slow due to her not eating right. She had two skin removal surgeries along the way. However her legs, her legs are what I cannot get out of my mind. The doctor even said her legs looked the same as when she weighed over 600 pounds. He said that he could probably remove another 30 pounds of skin off of her calves alone. This show is enough to scare anyone into eating right and not allowing themselves to get to this situation.
Her mother was absolutely horrible, I have never seen a mother behave like this, she was constantly making fun of her daughter and saying how she was going to have pie and cake at Thanksgiving and how Ashley couldn’t have any. Then she would just cackle, yes, cackle is the only word to describe the sound coming out of her mouth. This is a woman who is around 300 pounds if she is an ounce. I was yelling at the television, What the Heck woman! She should have been on a restrictive diet. In the end Ashley was actually coaching a girls softball team and being active and productive in her life. I would love to see where she is today.
Watching these shows gives me resolve in my own weight loss journey to continue on and yes do the dreaded exercising that will tone my legs and arms and give me abs that look good. I am terrified of being 600 pounds, it is one of my greatest fears. Perhaps an unreasonable fear, but it is mine.
I will make good choices today, wether is is with food, my outlook, my job and my physical activity. I hope everyone has a great day and chooses to be healthy, happy and active!

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