No Internet Weekend

I did it, I went 24 hours with no internet, it was hard, I am not going to lie. Especially first thing in the morning, I read the comics and Dear Abby online, that is how I start my day, however, yesterday I did not get to. I did make the Irishman bring me a newspaper, I accessed the old fashioned way. He said the hardest part was when his soccer team won and he couldn’t brag about it, and when the man at the bar hit on him. He couldn’t even text me about it, since he is the one that said no text messages. Serves him right, since he came home and then slept all day. Yes, I believe he cheated because he was “sick” so he slept all day. Avoided temptation, is what he did. Ok, so he was actually not feeling well, but still, I went to Costco and Target and couldn’t even tell anyone where I was.
I would also like to say thank you to Jess and Elizabeth Anne for bombarding me with messages I could not read. I resisted the urge to even look; I did call them and ask them what was so all fired important. Nothing, nothing was important!
I have to admit it was kind of freeing in a way, after a while, I didn’t have the urge to look, to see what everyone was doing, to see if I was missing something. I think I will unplug every once in a while just to regroup. I caught up on my TV watching, I read a book, which is something I love to do, it was nice. I did miss the Stylization on Ruelala, which was sad for me, but Elizabeth Anne sent me a text this morning saying I didn’t miss anything. What a relief!
Watched another episode of GCB, I am really loving that show, it is so spot on, everyone who lives in the Dallas/FT Worth area needs to see this show. Oh who am I kidding, all Baptists need to see this show, it doesn’t matter where you live, this show is spot on. Watch it!

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