The Bachelor, How I really Feel

I saw a tweet the other day where Barbara Walters called the show, The Bachelor a degradation to women, I retweeted and added my own two cents. I called it a degradation to humanity, it was mentioned on trends. I had no idea until someone commented here and let me know.
I would like to tell you why I believe the Bachelor and the Bachelorette shows are degradations to humanity. We, as humans, have come so far in the short amount of time we have been on this planet and this is what we reduce ourselves to? Vying to be on a television show where, I admit I don’t know, how many women are trying to get the attention of one man? Vice versa on the other one, but let’s tackle the Bachelor first shall we. All of these women, allowing this man to grope them and stick his tongue down their throat all in the hopes of a proposal at the end of the program. These women are not ugly, however from what I hear some are crazy, but they are not ugly. So why this show? Why humiliate yourself in front of the world for a man?
Fame, comes to mind, in our current culture people will do anything for fame, including taping themselves having sex and “leaking” it to the public. How must the parents of these girls feel watching them do these things. If my daughter, Elizabeth Anne, told me she was going on this show, I would lock her in a room until she was too old to go anywhere near it. But here is the thing with my daughter, I raised her differently, I raised her to be independent, self-reliant and to have self respect. These women have no self respect, and from what I know of the show the man involved has no respect for these women. He goes from one to the other saying I love you to them? When they see the show air do they feel humiliation? Or, because in this society, they are happy to just be on television? That is the real question, when are we going to go back to having morals and not thinking that being famous is all there is to life?
Don’t get me wrong, part of me would love to be famous, just for the free shoes that I know someone would want to send me. Are you out there Jimmy Choo? This show is not romantic, it is skanky and encourages women to whore themselves out for a few moments of air time.
If we boycott this show, like we all should, then these people would have to have real lives, real relationships and perhaps have a modicum of decency. As it is they don’t have any of those things.
Those are my feelings on these types of shows, I hate them, I like scripted programming, let’s get Joss Whedon back on prime time, then I will be a completely happy woman.

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