Parenting Rant

I am so tired today, I believe I shall sleep in this Saturday, maybe till 7! My thumb hurts this morning, I think I bumped it in the night. It is so ugly-looking, yuck, I have not done this in years and hope I go through the rest of my years without ever doing it again.
I do believe I am close to stepping onto my soapbox again, in regards to being a single mother. I continue to be stunned by the selfish acts of single mothers everywhere, people, when you CHOSE to become a mother, you gave up certain rights and freedoms. I seriously cannot believe that your selfish pleasure comes before your children. I am speechless at the complete lackadaisical attitude in which some people parent.
A psychologist told me once there were two types of people after a divorce, one who decides to revert to high school and become promiscuous and the other becomes a responsible adult who is hyper vigilant in regards to their children. Might I suggest that all single parents become the second one. The news is filled with children abandoned, forgotten, abused and killed. Typically it is by the new boyfriend, step-dad or flavor of the week. Put your children first, your needs go on the back-burner, this was your decision, they did not ask to be here. You brought them here, stop behaving badly.
Whew, that felt good.
Oh, for the record, I never left my children home alone, the only time I had a babysitter was when I had class, and I never brought strange men home. I was a very vigilant parent. Oh and the teachers and principals of the Plano ISD were terrified of me. My kids came first, they still do even though they are adults, I have always taken the responsibility of being a parent seriously, and never pushed the raising of them off onto someone else. When my children became adults, one of them told me about a conversation his friends were having, one was talking about his mothers 3rd husband, his 2nd stepfather, one was talking about all of his mothers “boyfriends” and they looked at my son and said what about you, he said my mom doesn’t date. One of the boys looked at him and said you are so lucky. It spoke volumes, I have never regretted my decision as a mother, as a woman, as a human to put my children first, make sure they were raised in church, knew who God is and what Jesus did for us. I have never felt like I have given up anything at all, I have my entire lifetime to fulfill whatever ambitions, dreams or just wants I might have. What I needed to do was make sure my children were raised in a safe environment and always had clean clothes to wear. Oh and that they knew and continue to know that I am always, always, on their side.

3 Replies to “Parenting Rant”

  1. Very true Jess, I always tried not to be hyper-controlling, I like to think I succeeded in that respect. I guess we will have to wait for Elizabeth Anne to chime in!


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