More Zumba News and Stuff

Yesterday was amazing, torrential rain, dark, dreary and just wonderful weather. After work was Zumba time,man oh man, that is a work out. I am loving it, I am getting better at the steps, I know when I get them down they will change them. I am loving this class, the teacher is really good and I sweat like a pig, which I know I hate to sweat, however realize a necessary evil in the battle against obesity.
I need to take the Irishman’s girls and buy them some new summer clothes, they have outgrown all shorts from last year, they might be able to wear some of the shirts, but not a lot. I did find some cute capri’s at Target and they fit both girls really well. They are in-between sizes, it is strange, they are both very different body types, however, the same size, shirts are no problem it is bottoms. Need suggestions for places to go for the two different body types I am ready to hear them!
Also want to get some cute Keds for summer wear for them, one thing I seriously have issues with are the shoes without socks. I believe it makes the shoes smelly and is not good for their feet, and Keds are so darn cute on little girls.
Exercise again today, not Zumba, those classes are on Tuesday and Thursday, they don’t have any on the schedule that we are able to participate in on any other week day. So tonight it is the stairs and treadclimber and possibly some weights. I like this not at all, I hate exercise, the Zumba doesn’t seem like exercise, that is why I love it so much. An hour of dance! Love it!
Before long I will be singing “I’m Sexy and I Know it” with abandon!

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