My Grandpa

I have discovered a new past time, Draw Something, you draw something, send it to your opponent for them guess what it is you have drawn. Yesterday I had the word Grandpa, so i drew a red Ford Falcon along with a stick figure, my opponent was my cousin Pat. He got it. Only one of my cousins would have gotten that. I remember that Ford Falcon so well, I remember riding in the front seat sans seatbelt, going for ice cream with Grandpa. My grandfather rocked, he had fried chicken or fried fish for breakfast every day, he had a wicked sense of humor and loved his garden. He did the laundry, not my grandmother, he did the sewing as well. He used to make me Barbie dresses out of my old dresses. I really wish I still had some of those doll clothes. He taught me the best soil to plant potatoes in, how to read and passed on a great love of animals. He was my favorite person on earth. He went home in 1977 and to this day I still miss him terribly.
If I could have 20 minutes with him today I would tell him how much he meant to me and how I try to live up to the standards he taught me. What I really remember the most is him reading the bible on the front porch, wearing his overalls, I think that is why I put my boys in overalls so much. Because they reminded me of my grandpa and it was something I could do physically to connect my children to him. I remember his smile, always there, always welcoming. My cousin Pat looks a lot like him, it is uncanny, to date I have yet to see another relative who looks like my Grandpa.
He loved wrastling and Gunsmoke, and yes, I meant to type wrastling, that was what he called it, they were the only two things he watched on television that I can remember. I also have vivid memories of the way he ate apples, he would peel them, and give me the peels and then slice the apple, salt it and share with me. He had ill fitting dentures and could not eat the peels, to this day I still eat my apples this way.
I loved going to church with him and Grandma and Great Aunt Effie, I don’t think I have the proper words to express how they made me feel. Safe, loved, wanted, welcomed, and above all a sense of belonging. That is what grandparents are supposed to make you feel, I can only hope I give that to Tessa.

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