Come as your Favorite Texan

There is nothing more daunting than the blank page; I am finding that very true today. I had a quiet weekend; Saturday was filled with laundry, grocery shopping and a nice visit from Elizabeth Anne. Sunday, quiet again, played on the internet, drank coffee, saw a movie then watched television till I fell asleep.
I am obsessed with GCB, I so want to throw a come as your favorite Texan party! OMG, the possibilities, Annie Potts character started out as Laura Bush then she changed and someone asked her who are you, she replied, “My favorite Texan, ME”. I love it! Someone came as Mary Kay Ash and the lead came as Farrah Fawcett, how can one not love this show! The question is who would you come as? A fictional Texan or a real one? Well Farrah is out for me, I don’t have the body to pull that off, I love Laura Bush but her outfits are not exactly inspiring, I am not Texan so I couldn’t come as me, I might come as Elizabeth Anne, however I am not pretty enough to pull that one off. Cynthia Ann Parker, might as well considering I am a descendant. There, I could wear half of a pioneer outfit and the other an Indian maiden. Problem solved.
How was everyone’s weekend? Anyone do anything exciting?

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