My 600 LB Life Update and Melissa’s Story.

I watched another installment of My 600LB Life on TLC Monday night and last night, it was Melissa’s story. Wow, that is the word I use for Melissa, she started at over 700 pounds, yes 700, that is not a typo. She underwent the gastric bypass surgery and began her weight loss journey. Her goal, to have a child, she is married and they want a family, which she cannot have being the weight she is.
I have to admit, it was hard seeing a woman who had allowed herself to get to this size, saying I don’t know how I got here. Well, yes, she did, her husband was her caretaker and enabler. He really wanted to keep her fat, he had a deep need to be a caretaker, and in Melissa he found the perfect person to do that with. He admitted he would buy her 2 huge burgers, 2 orders of fries and soda and candy for one meal.
After the surgery she was a woman possessed, following the doctors orders to the T, it was very impressive. The more mobile she became, the worse her marriage became, her husband was resentful that she was not needing him as much. If you ask me he was a giant whiny baby, we also find out he has cheated on her, multiple times. When she was on the operating table he was busy texting a woman to arrange a “hook-up” for sex. She found out everything after weight loss.
Melissa ended up losing 473 pounds and to date has had 2 skin removal surgeries, she has also realized her dream of having a child. To date she and her philandering husband are still together.
After Melissa’s story aired they played the reunion show, where all 4 people got together to discuss their journeys. We got to see Henry again! How I love that man, his humility, his joyous spirit and his determination. He has kept the weight off, he and his wife are happily married and he is just an amazing man. He is by far my favorite, when faced with adversity he just kept going, never cheating, never despairing, always, always joyous. He said the message he wanted people to take from this is that surgery is not a magic cure, it is hard work and without it he would be dead by now. This was not only life changing it was life saving for the four people featured.
Oh, I have to add, Melissa now counsels other weight loss patients, she is doing great, Ashley has lost more weight since the show aired and I have to be honest I have not seen the other mans story. But he is not doing as well as the rest of them, he has gained weight and Melissa got onto him, telling him he had made bad choices, she held him accountable. Good for her. We should all have someone in our lives who holds us accountable for our bad choices.

2 Replies to “My 600 LB Life Update and Melissa’s Story.”

  1. I am very interested in Melissa. My sister had bypass surgery several years ago, and my heart goes out to anyone struggling with excessive weight. Please send Melissa my best.


  2. I wish u all the best. Always keep your head up. And to forget about all those dam people that are mean. They dont have a soul. So stay strong and live happy


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