My Review on The Hunger Games

Ok, so, I caved into peer pressure and read the first two books of the Hunger Game series, yes I know these books are aimed at 14 year old girls. But read them I did, and I have to say was pleasantly surprised. If you are a fan of the movie Logan’s Run, you might like this series of books. It is a definite twist on the movie, in the movie when you are 30 you go to carousel, you essentially die, but the citizens of the city don’t really understand that. They are kept pretty child like and simple. In the book, there has been a civil war, this is obviously set in the United States, and now the government in the Capitol runs everything and the country is divided into 13 districts, however they think 13 is defunct. The districts are poor, the citizens kept down and cannot get ahead, or change their station in life. Once a year they choose two “tributes” from each district to fight to the death. The chosen are between 12 and 18, it is brutal, however, so is middle and high school. So many metaphors in these books. What it is though, in my belief, is a commentary on how, if left unchecked, corrupt government can become. Especially in a land where the people are complacent, and allow government more and more power to strip away our freedoms. I did not find the books disturbing, I will not see the movie, as I never see the movies of almost any of the books I read that require a lot of imagination. Harry Potter and Twilight come to mind. I have not finished the third book, I read the first two Saturday, I started the last one last night, so I expect to finish it today.
There you have my thoughts on the Hunger Games, I hope you all have a great Monday.

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