A Good Weekend

Good Morning and happy Easter everyone, I also want to say happy Passover. This weekend has been a very full one, it started Thursday night with Tessa coming to spend a few days with her Gigi. Friday was a girl filled day, first up pink pancakes for breakfast, then a walk and playing on her beloved rocks. Elizabeth Anne came and we took Tess to our favorite place on earth, yes, Taco Bueno. Then it was off to Build a Bear where she picked out a rabbit and named her Daisy. No day is complete without a trip to Costco and Target!
Then that evening, the Irishman’s girls came and Tess was beyond elated, I let them stay up late playing chase in the moonlight, then eating goldfish crackers and watching Hop. Saturday morning started with blue pancakes and playing outside, the rocks beckoned and they played for hours. Their girlish giggles filled the air and neighbors brought their children out to play with them.
After Tess went home it was grocery shopping then lunch and Hop again, this time with movie popcorn and juice boxes.
I hope they had a good time, in between I managed to read two books and get laundry done. Very productive.
I have something shameful to admit, I have given into peer pressure and have read the first two books in the Hunger Games series. I should have bought the third at the grocery store yesterday, I started the first book on Friday and by Saturday night had finished the second one, now I am in need of the third one. They are quick reads as they are written for the average 13 year old, so fifth grade level, but I am going to tell you, wow, I am impressed and I like them. The premise is interesting, I am guessing the author is a fan of Logan’s Run, as it is similar to the concept of that movie. I did not find it disturbing that they had children killing children as middle school is a dog eat dog world in itself. I will be getting the third book today, I hope a store is open so I can get it!
I am going to see my beautiful Elizabeth Anne in Bonham for Easter, leaving the Irishman to celebrate with his children, I am taking care of their Easter dinner for them, he doesn’t cook, then off I go. So excited, I have never been to Sherman and that is where we will be having Easter lunch.
I hope everyone has a fantastic day, that if you have taught your children about the Easter bunny he comes to visit, and that everyone remember why we really have Easter. He is risen.

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