Last night Zumba about killed me, the instructor, Heather, was on fire, we even added some new steps. I was sweating like a pig, I don’t even know if pigs sweat, but I imagine if they do it was like I did last night. As you all know my workout partner is my friend Kay, I met her when I changed teams and moved desks, it never fails, I meet the most interesting people every time management has me change desks.
This time I was sat next to Kay, I had never met her before as she always worked nights and I have always worked days. She switched her schedule to days and ended up next to me, lucky her. Actually I consider myself the lucky one, Kay is opinionated, honest and doesn’t take kindly to fools, in other words they sat me by someone just like me, in that respect. I am going to tell a little about Kay’s story, I don’t think she will mind, if she does, well as she says, it is easier to ask forgiveness afterwards than gain permission in the first place.
Kay is a cancer survivor, by the time she went to the doctor she was in stage 4 breast cancer, she had let it go for so long. She let it go for so long that her surgeon actually wrote her off, he lopped off her breast and left nothing for reconstruction, that is what he thought of her chances. Her plastic surgeon had to do some really fancy work to fix it, however, fix it he did. I believe it was at this point God looked down and said to his Angels, hey, this doctor thinks he can predict the time and date of Kay Lynn’s death. Let’s have some fun, shall we? Not only did Kay bounce back, she beat the cancer and as of today is cancer free, she is a walking testimony to what God can do, I fully believe he uses modern medicine to show his miracles. I love Kay’s resilience, her attitude is joyous, rarely does anything get her down. I am going to miss my workout partner, this time she chose a shift that once again is partly in the nighttime, so our workout schedules will be different.
On that note, I am looking for a new workout partner after next week, I will be getting off at 5pm, so if you want to workout with me on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday then it is on, like Donkey Kong!
I feel fortunate that every time I am moved next to a new person it ends up being someone that I genuinely like, I also believe God puts me there for a reason. I learn more about what He does in other peoples lives, I learn about the adversities they have overcome to get to where they are and I get a new outlook on life. I believe everything happens for a reason, we don’t always know what it is, and trust me when I tell you I have a list of questions ready to go for when my time comes, I will continue to enjoy sitting by new people at work and learning their stories.

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