Another Gateway Day is upon us, the day before Friday, the day we all wait for, expectantly, almost as if the day itself is filled with magic. I think perhaps it is, it is filled with the magic of possibilities, the possibility that the weekend itself will be full of adventure and surprises. My weekend will be spent cleaning and catching up on laundry and making 15 bean soup, a spring rarity. Saturday I will be cooking the soup for me and Elizabeth as we are the only ones that eat it. So she is coming down and we are going to feast! I will be making cornbread to go with our soup,I am very excited. I make two things really well, pancakes and 15 bean soup.
I have one more week after this on the current schedule of Monday through Friday 9am to 6pm, then I begin my Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 6am to 5pm. I am very excited to have Wednesdays off, it will be a treat, I will finally get to use my two spa gift certificates! The places are not open on Saturday and Sunday, so now I will not have to take vacation days to use them! I am so excited to be able to use them, facials and massages here I come!
I will also get caught up on my television viewing, The Borgias, Game of Thrones, The Big C and Weeds have all started again and I have no time to watch them! So much television so little time!
So has anyone come up with a schedule change where they can work out with me??? Volunteers?

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