Zumba Related News

Welcome to Friday everyone! I feel it is going to be a good day, the Irishman is chatty this morning which means he is getting better. I have had almost a whole pot of coffee which means I am doing very well.
Zumba was last night and it was the last workout with my friend Kay, we will be on different schedules starting Monday. It was a great time and if we are ever on the same schedule again I know we will be workout buddies again.
Let’s discuss Zumba, shall we, Elizabeth Anne told me she bought Zumba for the Wii, she got because she thought since I do it, then it would be a piece of cake for her. Ha! She found out, it is a workout and a half. I finally figured out why I enjoy it so much, for an hour I get to feel like a Latin goddess, in my head I am just doing exactly what the instructor does. I try not to look in the mirror, for it tells me a completely different story. I will continue with my Zumba and I am hoping to add a body sculpting class as it starts an hour before my Zumba and with the new schedule I will get off in time to take it.
Well I am signing off early today as I do believe it is a Starbucks day, I will be getting my Passion Tea Lemonade, unsweetened of course and perhaps splurge with a fruit cup.
Happy Friday everyone, I hope you have a terrific day and a terrific weekend.

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