Terrific Thursday

Today is Monday/Thursday, yesterday was a mini weekend, and it was good, so strange being off in the middle of the week without taking a vacation day. I think I am going to like this. I went to Bonham and saw Jeffrey and Elizabeth Anne yesterday, so nice, and came home and got caught up on laundry. Oh and it was clean sheet day, wow, it just could not have gotten any better!
Tuesday’s Zumba just about killed me, that instructor was a beast, in a really good way, going back for more today. I think my body is changing due to the zumba dancing, I feel different in my clothes, like they fit different. I am loving it!
I am very excited to go back today and be tortured all over again, I know I am going to sleep well tonight! Just one more week until my huge Avengers event, I am so way beyond excited about this. I have seriously never done anything this geeky in my entire life and it feels good. Ok, dressing up as Wonder Woman, that was pretty geeky, no wait, that was just cool. Yup, still nothing as geeky as next week will be.
I hope everyone has a great, geeky Thursday!

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