Inspired by @MrsScottBaio

So the other day on twitter Scott Baio tweeted a picture of a table and said something to the effect that his wife had done a good job with a luncheon she was having. Then someone tweeted back, was this after mass, to which @MrsScottBaio (Renee Baio) tweeted she was Christian not Catholic, I really think she meant Baptist in the place of Christian, but it was thrown out there in twitterverse and the beating began. One woman actually tweeted that because they were not married in the Catholic church their marriage wasn’t valid. People were just brutal, one man said he would have thought Scotty would prefer Catholic girls dressed in little school girl outfits, I stared at that for a while. Does this man not realize Scott Baio is a grown man and prefers a woman as opposed to a girl, and he is saying this to the mother of Scott’s child, and his wife. It was really crazy and yes, Mrs Baio did come back and say she didn’t mean to imply that Catholics were not Christians and that she was a Baptist Southern girl so obviously Scott preferred her over the Catholic schoolgirls.
I am a Baptist Southern girl myself, a FreeWill Baptist Southern girl, I believe that Catholicism is not a different religion, it is a different denomination. I cannot believe the beating that was rained down on Renee Baio for not being Catholic, I have a lot of Catholic friends, in fact my BBFF, aka Jess, is Catholic. He, nor any of my friends, have ever tried to tell me I was not a Christian due to my beliefs, and in turn I have not done that to them. In fact, Jess and I have had many philosophical and theological conversations, I can’t really call them debates as we end up agreeing with each other.
Here is the real point, if we as Christians cannot recognize that if a person believes Jesus Christ was born of a virgin, died to save us, then rose three days later to ascend to heaven, how can we respect anyones beliefs?
I had a wonderful Sunday School teacher in Owasso, Oklahoma, Mrs Hall, who told us in order to understand why we believe the way we do we needed to study other religions and denominations. She brought books to us, of course I was about the only one that read them, but I understood. I had a better view of the world after those lessons and a better understanding of the people around me.
I would like everyone to remember that Catholicism was the only Christian religion on earth until Martin Luther began the reformation. Please pick up a history book people, we are all Christians trying to make a better life for our children and the people around us. We should all be lifting each other up and not trying to tear each other down. If we do not have respect for each other how can we expect people of truly different religions to respect us as a whole.

Oh and FYI my first husband was Catholic and the man I am engaged to currently, The Irishman, is also Catholic. Therefore we can conclude Catholic men like Baptist women.

So, hats off to you @MrsScottBaio for standing up for what you believe in and not taking any of the insults hurled your way personally.

3 Replies to “Inspired by @MrsScottBaio”

  1. “We should all be lifting each other up and not trying to tear each other down. If we do not have respect for each other how can we expect people of truly different religions to respect us as a whole.”

    This so SO true, and why, if you look on my Facebook page, under Religion it says “To each their own.” Our girls attend a Catholic school – though we are not practicing – only because it accepts students of all religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation, political affiliation, etc. I will remain firmly and forever convinced that anyone’s attempts to put down someone else who is different than they are is just insecure and looking to be able to assume a position of power. And living your life constantly trying to one-up other people is a sad, depressing life to live.


  2. It’s sad that ppl are so insecure in their religious beliefs (as opposed to faith) that they have to cram it down others throats and in a very un-Christian like way.

    I’m of the mind that whatever denomination/religion works for you is good. Often, religious beliefs serve as a conscience as to what is right and wrong. I believe in Jesus as my Savior and am basically a Messianic Jew. That’s what works for me. Do I know for certain that *I* have it right? No. I don’t care to condemn others for their beliefs, as long as they’re not hurting anyone in the name of the tenets they follow.


  3. Too true, Angie! The crazy thing is that I have lived my whole life around Catholics, and none of them would take those radical stances. Heck, even the ultra-conservative Official Catholic Dogma(tm) states that non Catholics are Christian. “Their” baptisms are just as valid as ours. Unfortunately, there are Radicals in all religions (I HAVE been told I was going to hell because I was Catholic, but whatever…), and these radicals give Catholics a bad name.

    I definitely agree with your “learn other religion” stances (yup, we have a hard time “debating,” don’t we…). I just sponsored a middle school choir member for Confirmation. I specifically told him to study non-Catholic religions, for sometimes it is easier to define what we believe but finding what we DON’T believe. As a confirmation gift, I gave him not a Catholic Bible as traditional, but two Joseph Campbell books that were instrumental in guiding me at a similar age.

    You would think in a world that is growing more accepting, that there would not be a place for that hate. But the Internet gives those with vitriol in their hearts a place to spread it. We just have to spread acceptance faster!


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