The Only Honest Man in Texas

Ok, so, I saw something on twitter that I have to discuss. Some woman tweeted that she had been set up with a man by a friend. Well, this man called her after the date was set up and left her a voicemail. It essentially said that a mutual friend of theirs told him the picture he had been shown of her was old and was told that she had gained a lot of weight. He was canceling the date and wanted her to know up front the reason why. The reason why is that he was sold a bill of goods that was not what they should have been. He was told she looked one way when in fact she was quite the opposite. She then tweeted he was an asshole.

My contention is that he was not, that he was honest, and the friend that tried to set them up together was not honest. This friend should have told him, listen I don’t have an up to date photo of her, but here is one a couple of  years old, add fifty pounds. At that point he could have then said I’m sure she is nice, however that is not my type and I am not interested. Instead he had to hear it from someone else and had to be the bad guy call this woman and was honest. Wow, a trait all women say they want, but when it comes right down to it, do we really? I know I do, I can only dream of a day the Irishman is totally honest with me. Tell me if he thinks I am too fat, thin, blonde, brunette, whatever it is that he doesn’t like.

This man was honest! What a concept, he said he didn’t want her to think she had been stood up when he didn’t show. I admire this man, I would love to know who the only honest man in Texas is. We, as women, can only dream of a truly honest man, that says, I don’t like you because you are fat. There I said it, men should be honest, tell a woman that, I don’t like the way you look, you are not my type. As women, we should be equally as honest. I’m sorry I don’t want to date a man who should be wearing a bigger bra size than I am. I don’t like bald men, I don’t like hairy men, I don’t like short men, I don’t like tall men. Think of how wonderful this world would be if we were all honest with each other.

So hat’s off to the only honest man in Texas, you keep telling all those women what you don’t like about them! Eventually you will meet one that has everything you want. As for the woman who had gained all that weight, I hope she learns from this, and realize she is single, if she wants to date, and date men who want women a certain way, then she has to be that way. Otherwise meet a man who likes someone who is overweight. It is that simple.

3 Replies to “The Only Honest Man in Texas”

  1. Maybe he isn’t an asshole. However, since the date had already been made, perhaps he should have met with her anyway. Perhaps he would have found her weight didn’t matter like he thought it would as he got to know her. One can be honest and tactful at the same time. He was not the latter, that’s for certain. Just my opinion.

    Even better would be for the woman to meet someone who wants to be with her, regardless of how she looks. Rather, for her personality, her values.


  2. I believe this man is greatness Beth, he was honest. he was shown a picture of someone that doesn’t exist anymore. I firmly believe it is ok to be attracted to what we are, well, attracted to. He is not attracted to overweight women, no personality or values will change that. It’s ok for him to be honest with her, her friend who showed the old photo and was not honest about her change in appearance is the real culprit here. That is the person they should both be angry with.
    She will find someone, someone that likes her body type, and know it is ok that someone didn’t find her attractive. At least he was honest and upfront about it and didn’t lead her on.


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