Urban Cowboy Ponderings

So today is my second Friday of the week and I could not be happier, I am thinking it is a Starbucks kind of morning. How do you all get your Friday started?

Well Yesterday I got it out of my system regarding Dean Cain, I am still not happy with the situation, I am still waiting for him to come to his senses, fly to Texas and take me on a date. I have been waiting almost 20 years. If I wait much longer I am going to be using a walker.

So I was watching Urban Cowboy and I realized that I am much more sympathetic to Pam, the “home wrecker”, but I realized something. She is not the home wrecker, Bud is, Bud had a choice, he could be loyal and faithful to Sissy, or he could go home with someone else and have sex with them. He is the one that betrayed his marriage, then of course Sissy did as well, it was just one big mess. Which in the end we all know they forgave each other and Pam came clean about Sissy cleaning the trailer. Lord have mercy. One wonders if every woman who has sex with a man who is otherwise taken has feelings of guilt. In today’s society, I doubt it, it seems no one has any morals anymore. And yes, I know I was just talking about dating Dean Cain while engaged to someone else. However, and it is a big however, Dean Cain is in my pre-nup. So there.

I think I need a weekend to recover from my weekend of doing nothing, how crazy is that, I do think that I am going to have some wine and sominex tomorrow night. I am telling you that is the best combination EVER. I may do that every Friday. I slept so good, all night and didn’t wake up until 9:00 am. Anyone who knows me, knows that is incredibly unusual. I am an early morning person, on my days off, I am up at 6 to 7 am, so to sleep till 9 was incredibly strange.

I hope everyone has a great day and if anyone reads me that knows Dean, tell him I said “call me”.


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