Things I hate with a Passion

Today I was watching the View and Joan Rivers was on talking about things she hates, I, of course, started thinking. What do I hate? Well, I am going to tell you a few things that I hate.

I hate screaming children in stores, before anyone says oh their children, let me tell you, I never allowed my children to scream and throw fits in public. Ask them, they will tell you that they did not do that. It is called healthy fear, my children knew the consequences of their actions and they knew throwing fits in public would be punished. So, control your kids people, make them stop screaming in public. I don’t care what they do in the privacy of your homes, however, when you make my shopping experience less enjoyable, I do care.

I hate people who say that they never watch television. Seriously? We know you do, we know you are probably the ones keeping the horrible programming on television. Such as Dancing with the Stars and Survivor, oh and let’s not forget American Idol. If you really want to do some good in the world, stop watching that crap! Keep actors employed.

I hate people who say, oh I forgot to eat today. Really? I have never in my entire life forgotten to eat. Of course only skinny people say this, perhaps I will as well if I ever achieve that level of thinness. But for now, stop saying that please, especially in the presence of those of us who need to lose weight.

I hate when overweight women say they are real women because they are fat. Being overweight does not make a woman real. What makes a real woman is one that respects other women, that tries to better her part of the world and one that has the courage to stand by her convictions. No matter the size. So if you believe the only thing making you real is your weight, think again. You actually need to look within yourself and find something else, something substantial in the way you deal with the world.

I hate liver, yes liver, it smells and has a weird texture and tastes nasty. No matter how much you tell me that it is good for me and will replenish the iron in my body, I will never eat it. I don’t want to be around it and heaven help the person who has me over for dinner under false pretenses only to try and feed me liver. Yuck.

I hate the hot Texas summers, even though I have chosen to live here for the rest of my days, I will never learn to love the heat. I want snow and lots of it, give the heat to Mexico and bring the cool weather here.


5 Replies to “Things I hate with a Passion”

  1. LOVE THIS, we hate similar things!!!!!! SO let me ask, since I am working on the weight does that make me a realer woman….LOLOLOLOL Too funny!!! LOVE IT!


    1. Girl you are real every day! You are real and genuine, no matter the weight, and you are an example of what a real woman is. One that continues to work on the inside and out.


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