Friday, Starbucks and Dean Cain

It has been a strange couple of days, I have had nightmares two nights in a row, the first night was about one of my children. So I do the only thing a mom can do, I text all of them and make them all tell me they are ok. I irritated one as he was asleep, but you know what, I don’t care, I needed to know. So there. They were all fine by the way, but the bad feeling would not go away until I heard from them.

Last night the dream was about me, I was in a house and I had all of the doors locked, however when I went into the garage and got in the car and left someone ran in behind me. I saw him, so I backed out, closed the garage door, went into the back yard and looked in the window. I saw him, the burglar, making himself at home; he was sitting and watching my television! So I yell really loud 911, because that was what I was taught to do in high school. The burglar turns and sees me and gets up and has a machete, and starts to run toward me, I run out of the back gate and jump in the car and before I can drive off I wake up. I was terrified, horrible to wake up without getting away, now I will never know.

So many things happened yesterday, what to address first, well, I’ll go in order, the big meeting. It was a lot of fun, I was not wrong to look forward to it. I do believe they are learning that you praise to success, not berate to mediocrity. The new 2nd level manager and the first level managers gave out kudos and prizes for perfect attendance for the first quarter. The people with the top numbers were recognized as well as new team leads. The only thing that happened that I was sadly disappointed with was a trainer, there was a jeopardy like contest and the contestants were drawn randomly. He was one of them, instead of answering the questions; he was feeding the answers to another contestant. I felt this was inappropriate and unprofessional, this was supposed to be a fun thing, not a cheating thing. He should have answered and let everyone know why he was in a training position. To cheat, sad and wrong.

The rest loved it, we all clapped for our co-workers that won prizes, happy for their recognition, it almost felt like a Mary Kay meeting, I loved it.

The second thing is a not so happy thing, it was the premier of the Dean Cain show, however, I could only stomach about 10 minutes of it, as Dean was not in that segment. I have recorded it and will fast forward to his part, although I don’t even know if I will do that. I can see why I was not considered for this show. The girls are the typical ones you see on the bachelorette or MTV dating shows, more bimbo than nice girl. Of course that seems to be all men want these days, bimbos. Good luck when you procreate with them. Anyway, I don’t think I will be watching this Dean Cain offering as I am sickened by the premise.

On an up note, it is Friday and I am having Starbucks, Venti Passion Tea Lemonade unsweetened of course. So I want everyone to have a fantastic Friday, I hope you enjoy your day and your weekend. Oh I will be volunteering at the Susan G Komen run in Plano tomorrow, I am a race marshal, I can’t wait! Come out and cheer on all of the runners!

Things I hate with a Passion

Today I was watching the View and Joan Rivers was on talking about things she hates, I, of course, started thinking. What do I hate? Well, I am going to tell you a few things that I hate.

I hate screaming children in stores, before anyone says oh their children, let me tell you, I never allowed my children to scream and throw fits in public. Ask them, they will tell you that they did not do that. It is called healthy fear, my children knew the consequences of their actions and they knew throwing fits in public would be punished. So, control your kids people, make them stop screaming in public. I don’t care what they do in the privacy of your homes, however, when you make my shopping experience less enjoyable, I do care.

I hate people who say that they never watch television. Seriously? We know you do, we know you are probably the ones keeping the horrible programming on television. Such as Dancing with the Stars and Survivor, oh and let’s not forget American Idol. If you really want to do some good in the world, stop watching that crap! Keep actors employed.

I hate people who say, oh I forgot to eat today. Really? I have never in my entire life forgotten to eat. Of course only skinny people say this, perhaps I will as well if I ever achieve that level of thinness. But for now, stop saying that please, especially in the presence of those of us who need to lose weight.

I hate when overweight women say they are real women because they are fat. Being overweight does not make a woman real. What makes a real woman is one that respects other women, that tries to better her part of the world and one that has the courage to stand by her convictions. No matter the size. So if you believe the only thing making you real is your weight, think again. You actually need to look within yourself and find something else, something substantial in the way you deal with the world.

I hate liver, yes liver, it smells and has a weird texture and tastes nasty. No matter how much you tell me that it is good for me and will replenish the iron in my body, I will never eat it. I don’t want to be around it and heaven help the person who has me over for dinner under false pretenses only to try and feed me liver. Yuck.

I hate the hot Texas summers, even though I have chosen to live here for the rest of my days, I will never learn to love the heat. I want snow and lots of it, give the heat to Mexico and bring the cool weather here.


Fashion No-No’s

I love doing nothing, I mean absolutely nothing, except getting caught up on DVR things and reading and playing on the computer and IPad and IPhone. I don’t think there is anything wrong with that, in fact I do believe if I won the lottery I would do absolutely nothing for about a week. I think a week is all I could handle of doing nothing.

I suppose I could have gone down to the pool and done nothing there, that would have been nice, however, I really didn’t want to, I just wanted to do nothing here, alone, with me for company. I am great company, I find I am intelligent, articulate and have a great sense of humour. At least to me I do, and well, it is me I am keeping company, so there.

Thinking ahead, this is a three-day weekend for me, I am off Monday, I did not volunteer to work, on one hand I wish I had, but on the other I am glad I did not. Maybe Monday will be a popcorn and movie day, there are a lot of movies I have not seen and we have the Apple TV, with a ton of movies to choose from. Or a Netflix day, streaming Dark Shadows, or reading, I have some books to finish, I could really do anything.

I do believe Starbucks will be in order this morning, I have no cream for my coffee so I will need to go to Starbucks for coffee. I have my giant, insulated coffee cup, ready for an iced coffee, I do believe that is what I will be having. Yum. I think I deserve a treat as I deprive myself of a lot of great things in life. Candy, alcohol, Taco Bueno daily, high fat foods, I deserve an iced coffee dangit.

Starbucks rules and I even got to stop by my favorite one this morning, the one at Park and Custer, I love that one. They are friendly, courteous and professional. Serving coffee with a smile and kind word, just what everyone needs to get their day started. Today will be a good day, I can already see the signs.

I would like to talk about working in an office that has no dress code for a moment. Summer is fast approaching and that is when all of the inappropriate outfits come out of the closet. Please ladies, if you are going to wear a tube top, do it at the pool, or the lake or NASCAR races, not in the office. When you wear a tube top, with no foundation garment to speak of, it is not a good look, especially if you are of a certain age and are, how should I put this, top-heavy. It looks no better when you pair it with a blanket. Also, short shorts, while fine at the pool, lake or NASCAR, it is not fine in the office, you are all old enough to understand the word professionalism. Even though we are not a customer facing office, except by phone, we all have to look at each other. Tube tops and short shorts are really not appropriate office clothing.

The complete breakdown of societal fashion is horrifying to me, perhaps it is my age, perhaps it was the parenting that I had. My mother always instilled in me a sense of pride about the way I look, we may not be rich she would say but we can look good all the same. I am often shocked (yes even after all this time) by what some people think is appropriate office wear. Even one time when I had jury duty, I was shocked by what one of the attorney’s had on. It was the heyday of Ali McBeal and this woman had on a skirt that was so short I was thankful she dropped nothing.

I hate sweatsuits, I hate velcro, I hate when people wear tennis shoes without socks, I hate crocs, there, I’m done.


Calling All Women

Well, it is Mother’s Day again, this year I am not going to bore you all by going on about what a perfect mother I had. I did, just for the record, have a perfect mother. No this year I want to address all of the women that are not behaving as they should as women. I have never disrespected another woman by sleeping with, inappropriately texting, emailing or facebooking a man who is taken. If you are a woman and engaged in these activities with a man who is with a different woman, please stop. You are an embarrassment to all womankind. You deserve nothing less than extreme punishment, you should be shunned by all polite society. Does your family know what you do? I hope your husband, brother, father or coworker, really anyone, sees your phone, email, facebook account. you deserve every bad thing on earth to happen to you.

Most women these days disgust me by their bad, disrespectful behavior. I choose the women to blame, because as my dad once told me, men would not behave badly if women turned them down. Interesting coming from a man who never even thought about behaving badly with my mother. But he totally understood men, they are really little boys who never grow up that will get away with what they can.

So, women, today, on this day, Mother’s Day, make a promise to all other women, I will behave in a manner that is respectful to my sisters. WE are all sisters after all, sisters in Christ, sisters in womanhood, respect that. You respect me, I’ll respect you, and we can change the world.

Wardrobe Malfunctions

yesterday was filled with wardrobe mishaps, first off, my jeans, I bought new Genetic Denim Jeans, so cool, well they are inordinately long. I knew I needed to take them to the tailor to have them hemmed, however I thought I have shoes high enough to wear with these jeans. Turns out I did not choose those shoes, and didn’t have time to change, was in a major time crunch as I was stopping by Wanda’s house on my way to work. Also forgot my belt, very import accessory with this type of jean Next I chose the wrong foundation garment to wear with the shirt I chose, no time to change. The shirt, the shirt I chose to wear is now too big in the middle. I know, right! Well, I felt like Monica in that episode everyone keeps thinking she is pregnant and she says “I’m burning this shirt”. I will not be wearing this shirt again. I grab my sweater and I am out the door. When I arrive at work I discover that I did not grab the 3/4 length sleeve Gap sweater, instead I have grabbed the long-sleeved American Eagle sweater.
I got off at 3 thank goodness it was plenty of time to go home and change into something fabulous for the 1759 extravaganza.
I go home and change into what has become my favorite pair of jeans cute top and ankle boots. I looked fabulous. Unfortunately for me the two people I was hoping would come did not. Oh well, still a good time was had. I hope today goes much better. Working out again today with my friend Kay. I hope I don’t sweat again.

Godspeed Old Friend

Yesterday I had to say goodbye to a dear friend, no, not goodbye, I had to say see you in a little bit. God chose yesterday to be the day that Chewie went home. If you are one of those people who do not believe that our pets go to heaven, please refrain from commenting. I fully believe our pets will be there, the bible tells us that heaven is filled with the things we love. If anyone person or animal deserves to be in heaven, well it is Chewie.
I will miss him though, I did the minute he left this plane of existence, coming home without him was one of the hardest things I have experienced to date.
This amazing creature filled our lives with humor, kindness, vitality and a sense of belonging. He kept me in line, he let me know what my place was in the hierarchy of the pack, make no mistake about it, Chewie was the undeniable leader of the pack. He had this amazing sense of humor, he played tricks on me, and I know he was laughing at times. I miss his smile, already our home seems empty without him.
Nocona sensed something was terribly wrong, she did not want me to put him in the car yesterday, she tried to block the door. When I came home without him she went and laid by his bed and just looked at me.
I sit here having my coffee, and it is not the same, you see he would sit and stare at me while I would drink my coffee. He would keep my company in the mornings, it was that or he was trying to tell me I am an addict and need to slow down on the coffee.
I will be forever grateful to Jess for allowing him to spend his last 4 years with me, he was a good listener, although slightly judgemental, a great companion and a faithful friend.

Things I hate

There are very few things in this world that I truly hate. However, working out is the number one thing that I truly, bottom of my heart hate. Well then, why do it you might ask. I ask myself that all of the time, then I turn to TLC, (The Learning Chanel) and watch a show featuring 700 pound people. I am not exaggerating, 700 + pounds. This man, who was in England, could not leave his bed. I didn’t watch long enough to see how he relieved himself; I didn’t really want to know. It was, although, sufficient motivation to get me to the gym. I went all last week for the first time in over a year; I used to be very fanatical about it. Then I slacked off. Now I am back and working furiously at not being 700 pounds. Yes, that is my only goal. Not to be that huge. I’m not huge now; I just don’t want to be. So off to the gym tomorrow to torture myself so I will not be ginormous.  Oh did I mention I am trying to exist on 500 or less calories a day. I have yet to achieve that goal. It is mostly around 1000. Which is probably more realistic for a healthy lifestyle however, I have never been accused of healthy eating habits. Any thoughts….

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