Rain = Happiness

So on my day off it rained, and rained and rained, and I loved it, the only thing I love right under snow is rain. I wish it would rain everyday, I would be happy with that.

Tonight is the new show with Dean Cain, I am still smarting over the snub, if he met me he would know that we are destined to be together. Me love you long time. I am still undecided if I am going to watch or not, I may DVR it and then fast forward to just Dean’s parts. That would be the wise thing to do, I would get irritated watching all of that drivel. I am sure it is going to be a bevy of young women who will do anything to date a celebrity. No matter who they are, remember I love Dean for Dean, not for his celebrity. Of course it is his celebrity that brought him to my attention in the first place. Oh damn you double-edged sword.

Today at work should be interesting, out new 2nd level manager has called a meeting of the whole center. In the past these things have never gone well, due to the management style of previous, well, managers. However, I have high expectations for this one, the little I have seen, he seems engaged, connected and sincere. Sincere in his desire to make our center the best it can be, to bring up morale so people will want to be there. I am looking forward to the meeting, will report back.

Well Peeps, I must start my second Monday of the week, Monday/Thursday, yes I am bragging. Till tomorrow then, I shall bid you adieu.

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