Weekend Update

There was a lot happening this weekend, it all started Friday evening, meeting with Paulina for my Susan G Komen volunteer assignment. I was to be a race monitor, that meant I would have a golf cart, very excited about that, and yes, it was as fun as I thought it was going to be. We met with Sergeant Spears of the Plano police department and she gave us the 411.
Saturday I was at the site at 6:00 a.m., yes, very early on a Saturday, picked up my volunteers and carted them off to their assignments. We had Parkwood; I dropped my people off at the barricades, with instructions not to let anyone in a car onto the race side of the street. I got to drive up and down making sure it was all going ok and there were no issues. I had one mother and daughter team that I dropped off, gave them their instructions and left. I drove back by; they were laying out on the road. I thought surely that is not them getting a tan, or perhaps they thought I meant for them to be human speed bumps, or maybe they had passed out from heat stroke. I stopped asked it all was well and they very happily informed me that they were great. Drove by again, they had moved on to petting a puppy on the opposite side of the barricade. I thought Lord don’t let anyone offer these two some candy, drove back by, they were gone. So if anyone knows what happened to these two, please let me know.
After the volunteer gig, I went to visit Jeffrey and Tessa, great visit, so much fun, I just adore that girl. I cannot believe she will be going to kindergarten in the fall. It just doesn’t seem possible, I remember the day she was born, she has owned my heart since that day.
When the Irishman came home Saturday evening, he said so are you going with me tomorrow? I said what is tomorrow? He looked at me and said I have asked you no less than three times to go with me to see Ireland play in the European playoffs. Of course this was foreign talk to me, however, one thing I understood quite well. Pride. Pride in the place you come from, he was immensely proud that his home country had made it this far in the competition. So I said yes, I would go with him, I am glad I did, it meant a lot to him that I was there with him. The look in his eyes when his team took the field, was very moving, I got a little misty eyed for him. His team did not win, but it was amazing that they had gotten so far to begin with.
That is the end of my exciting, fun filled weekend. Next up, family reunion, I can hardly wait!

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  1. It was the first major tournament for Ireland in 10 years, first time in the European Championships in 24 years. It was moving to see them lined up singing Amhrán na bhFiann. Even though we lost, the Irish fans there done our country proud.


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