The Horrible No Good Morning

I have so many thoughts in my head, not a great morning, rough start, another bad Starbucks experience. When oh when will I learn? NEVER go to the Starbucks at Campbell and Central in Richardson, TX. I used to love that one, it is where the Irishman and I used to meet during his split shift. We had a lot of good talks and laughs at that Starbucks, but this early morning crew just cannot get it together. I am paying you money! Listen to what I want! Is that really so hard? Never again, lesson totally learned now.
I shall take a moment and breath, relax, release, Whitley Gilbert taught me well, there I feel much better.
Today is my first Friday, I know you all are tired of hearing about that, however I shall never get tired of stating it. Tomorrow will be spent doing laundry and getting ready to go out-of-town Friday. I am going to my Testerman family reunion and I am so excited and nervous.
Yes nervous, these are my real cousins, my real family line, as you all know I was adopted. However I was adopted by my great-aunt and uncle, so I stayed in the family. However, this branch are the ones I grew up with until my aunt and uncle adopted me. I have not seen some since I was 12 years old. Some I have not seen since my grandmothers funeral, some I have not seen in roughly 20 years.
I am most excited to see my cousin Cindy, she was always more like a sister than a cousin. I have missed her greatly and cannot wait to hug her. I know some might think this is crazy, that I have not seen them in so long. Life gets in the way, that is all there is to it, nothing more, nothing less.
This is also Father’s Day weekend, it makes me miss my dad and my grandpa, a lot, they were my male role models. The ones that taught me how men were supposed to treat women. The ones I have been searching for all my life it seems. Since my grandfather and father were brothers in reality, they were so similar. They both had strong morals, both strong Christian men who studied the word of God. They both had a great love of the land and farming, animals and family. I miss them both terribly, I wish I still had them to go to and ask their advice on different matters.
Enough, I am going to make myself cry, way too early and it has been way too horrible of a morning. I have come to a decision, I cannot force myself to watch the Choice, no matter how much I want to support Dean Cain. I have found re-runs of Lois and Clark; the New Adventures of Superman on the HUB, Sunday nights. I will stick with that, at least it is fun-filled, less bimbos and, well, Dean is in tights.

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