Late Day and Weird Dreams

Well, this is a late post, I am writing on my first break at work, you see my alarm clock did not, well, sound the alarm. In fact my alarm was turned off, I have no memory of doing that, crazy. So I woke up at 5:03, when I usually wake up at 4:00, I was over an hour late. Thank goodness I have my coffeemaker programmed and had done the prep work the night before. I jumped in the shower, hair in a ponytail, makeup on, coffee in a to go container.
But I made it! I was here not only on time but 3 minutes early, thrilled with that!
I had a horrible dream last night, woke up angry with the Irishman for what he did in my dream. I may stay that way all day, don’t know yet. Will keep you updated. Also in the dream, my friend Kat and I were walking Nocona, and we met another friend of ours, and we look down and she is walking a prehistoric beast. And her feet were claws, not like cat claws, which would have been kinda cool. But more like bird talons, it was weird, so now I am wondering if the dream has any meaning. Or if I am just going insane, that is a totally viable option in my world.
We are having a celebration at work today, our supervisor is going to cook out, we voted for burgers and we all pitched in funds to get the food. It should be a fun-filled day.
Spoke to Jeffrey yesterday, we will be celebrating Tessa’s birthday on Sunday, her actual birthday is Monday. She will be 5 years old, I am so amazed at how the time has flown. I remember when she was born, she is growing so fast, and her personality is so amazing, she is smart and funny and completely gorgeous.
I will sign off for now, I hope everyone has a fantastic Tuesday.

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