Weddings and Funerals

I have often said I like funerals better than weddings, it’s not because I am morbid or have a particular interest in the macabre. It is due to the fact that I was exposed to funerals way before I ever attended a wedding.
I was raised not only by old people, but I was surrounded by them as well. I was born the youngest in a family that was well established and had an inordinate amount of members that were born in the late 1800’s into the early 1900’s.
My parents pre-payed and planned their funerals in the early 1970’s. Every funeral we went to my mom would say oh don’t do that at mine or oh that’s a really good idea, I want that.
I fully admit I inherited that trait, I have been planning my funeral way before I planned a wedding for myself. To me a funeral is for the living, a way to say goodbye, to honor a life well lived. It is typically when someone is older and has had a full life. I have only been to two who were not old and I felt it was way before their time to go.
Yesterday was for one of those people, it was a shocking piece of news. Hearing that someone we had just spent time with two days prior had passed away.
He was young, my age, and to our knowledge had no health issues. So to get the news that he was gone was indeed jarring.
I admit I didn’t know him well, I met him and his wife through the Irishman. He was a big sports fan and was a fan of the soccer team the Irishman loves. They have a huge fan club here in North Texas and that is where they met and formed a friendship.
I would come to know them as just really good people, nice, funny, caring and sweet. They were very much in love with each other, devoted to each other. He was very simply a really nice man, that is the highest compliment I can give someone, he was genuinely nice. Kind of quiet, I could tell he was one of those people who has a gentle soul. His wife, definitely complimented his personality as she is outgoing, friendly and devoted to him and her family.
I was privileged to attend the wedding of this man and his wife, not even a year ago. It was a wedding I have often said was the perfect wedding. In a beautiful, older church, the minister was sweet, funny and spoke eloquently and knew the couple. Then the reception was punch, cake and a few appetizers. All done by the couple’s families.
The funeral was as perfect as the wedding, the song Layla by Eric Clapton, the live version, was played. I had to smile as it struck me that I wish I had known him better. This is something I often plan, my funeral, with not typical songs played.
People spoke, my original assessment of him was not changed, kind, genuine, funny, devoted to his family and friends were words that were said often.
My heart breaks for his wife; this was a funeral I truly wish had never happened.
I will be praying for his wife, mother, daughters and step-sons in the coming days, weeks, months and years they have to spend apart from this man.
I wish I had known him better, I am sorry that everyone had to say goodbye for a little while to this man. I am grateful to have had the privilege of attending their wedding and his send-off.
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The Weekend Adventure

Turned on the television and what to my surprise Dirty Dancing was on, it is such a sweet, innocent movie. I know the title is misleading, but when I watch it, it is so innocent, Baby is, well, a baby really. A novice in the world, she just wants to help people while quietly rebelling against her suburban upbringing.

I think I like it so much because I was a bit of a rebel myself at that age, wanting to rebel against my country upbringing, I wanted to conquer the world.

I didn’t conquer anything, and everything I was rebelling against I went back to, except the country, I can’t live in the country. I can visit it, but I NEED to be near a city.

The bible was right, (huge surprise) train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.

They may rebel for a while and go down a path that curves and twists, but then it straightens itself out. I often wonder if my parents would be proud of me, today, as I am, I guess I truly won’t know until I die. My grandpa, I really wonder about him, I was a total grandpa’s girl growing up. He was my first father figure, my first hero, my first role model, he could literally do no wrong in my eyes. To this day if someone told me he did wrong I would scoff in derision.

So, yesterday, I went with the Irishman to watch his beloved soccer team, Manchester United, play their last game of the season. We went back to Vickery Park for this event, once again, not disappointed with the food or the service. They really are awesome, I highly recommend them.

I met his soccer watching buddies, was not disappointed there either, what a group of characters! They were so fun to be around I may go next season as well just to watch and listen to them! From my vantage point, I sat at the bar, they all share such a deep comradery when it comes to this soccer team, they sang songs, laughed, yelled, cursed and drank their way through the game. And it was glorious to watch, I am glad I went, partly due to the fact they all loved me. But also to see the Irishman in his element, with his friends and doing what he loves doing most in the world.

Then it was on to spend time with more of his friends, ones that I have known for a few years now, always enjoyable to be around them. I laughed so hard that when I woke up this morning I thought I had done an ab workout yesterday!

Then home to collapse, drugged the Irishman up with Benadryl, he has a rash, an allergic reaction to something. Don’t know what as he didn’t tell me until I said why are you scratching so much. He is a man, I know that is generalizing, but it is generalized for a reason! They never admit something is wrong until one finds them face down in the dirt unable to move. An exaggeration of course, however, accurate.

Signing off on the Memorial Day, remembering the men and women who fought courageously for our country, and gave their lives so I could sit and write about my trivial thoughts. Today I salute you and the sacrifice you made for this country and for your families who now have to live life without your physical presence.


My Review of Vickery Park

We have had rain here in Texas forever, I love the rain, an inordinate amount, however this is getting to be a bit much for even me. I have sandals, wedges and gladiator shoes to wear and this weather is not conducive to that type of footwear.

Last night the Irishman and I went out, now it has been a long time since we have gone out on a real date, it was long overdue and it turned out to be a fun evening.

We went to a place he frequents, a lot, and I do mean a lot, Vickery Park, I wanted to see what the draw was and why he stays till 3am sometimes.

We sat at the bar, the two women who waited on us were really great, they paid the appropriate amount of attention to myself and him. This is where a lot of female restaurant workers go wrong, they don’t pay attention to the woman, they heap it all on the man. I have been in a place like that, a certain waitress named Ashley at Lochrann’s comes to mind.

Anyway back to Vickery Park, Erika and Madison were the women behind the bar, Erika was there first and when we walked in, of course she knew who the Irishman was. She beckoned us over and said sit at the bar.

So we did and she was awesome, she shook my hand, introduced herself and told me it was nice that I finally had come in with him. She asked me what she could make me in the way of a drink and I told her surprise me. Surprise me she did, it was delicious, then Madison came in, I finished that drink, she asked what I was having, I said I don’t know, so she surprised me. Hers tasted like a cherry limeade from Sonic.

Both women took such good care of us, and even good-naturedly posed for pictures with the concoctions they created for me.

All in all it was a pleasant evening and I enjoyed it immensely, I will be going back to visit again. It had the feel of a neighborhood place, I even met the manager, he was very nice and personable.

I will be going again Sunday morning, it is the last soccer game of the season, although I have to be honest, I don’t know when it starts and when it ends. Well I guess it ends now, but I think it starts again in like a week. The Irishman wants me to wear one of his soccer shirts so I will be supporting his team. Thank goodness I have lost weight so I can do that.

Speaking of losing weight, and inches and gaining muscle and strength, I am still on my journey and am losing inches and pounds.

For Mother’s Day Elizabeth Anne took me clothes shopping because all of mine are getting too big. That was a fun day, I love hanging out with her and shopping, she has good taste, and all of my friends are jealous that I have a daughter who treats me to a shopping spree. Not all, but totally some.


I broke my glasses and have an emergency appointment today to get new ones, I am going to a Lense Crafters because I seriously cannot wait a week to get my glasses. I found my old contacts and am wearing those, I feel exposed without glasses hiding my face. I rely on them to hide some of my reactions and facial expressions.



Another jam-packed weekend is done; I am exhausted, trying to think of when I will have time to sleep. Not anytime soon. Next weekend is the family reunion, so excited about that! I can’t wait to see everyone, I will only be able to go up for one day, not the weekend, but it is one day I will get to see everyone.
This weekend started with me getting Tess after work on Friday, she got to spend the night! Saturday morning was up early, we had a girls breakfast at IHop and then shopping for the day’s festivities.
Everyone came over; by everyone I mean Jeffrey, Elizabeth Anne, Alex, Tessa, the Irishman’s three children and his ex-father-in-law. A packed house, seeing that it is summer it was time for hotdogs on the grill and pool time afterward.
I am still exhausted, I awoke today to rain, thunder and lightening, I so want to go back to sleep! Alas, I am still in class and cannot call in for a vacation day, so up for coffee, picking out something that will help me stay relatively dry and off for more learning.
Training is going well, I think we only have one or two more weeks, not really sure, then it is on the floor we go. I am excited to get to the work, nervous as well, like any new job. The only real way to learn it is to get thrown to the wolves.
Well, it’s a short one-today people; I am off to get dressed to begin my wet, soggy drive into work.

What a Weekend

Where do I start with everything has happened this past weekend? Let’s start with Thursday since it is my Friday, so I was driving, like I usually do and did not see the motorcycle cop waiting for me. He clocked me doing 71 in a 50, there was no way he could let me off with a warning. A ticket I did receive, the big question here is will I learn my lesson and slow down. I think we all know the answer to that so I shall not dignify the question here.

Since it was my Friday, Starbucks was in order, and it was good, the next day I did wake up a little congested. I do believe it is because of the barometric pressure, later in the day I felt fine.

I got Tessa from school, life was good, then I cooked dinner for my two sons, Tess and the Irishman. It was meatloaf; Elizabeth doesn’t like meatloaf so I didn’t tell her about it. I had to tweak the recipe for the meatloaf; I used gluten free breadcrumbs instead of crackers. It was a huge success, everyone kept eating more and more, oh, I also made fresh green beans (which I snapped, thankyouverymuch) with new potatoes, macaroni and cheese and homemade gluten free bread. All in all the meal was a huge success due to the face everyone kept eating.

I will be cooking again this Friday, asking Elizabeth and Jeffrey what they would like as Alex chose the meatloaf.

My dryer died, so Saturday Jeffrey came over to see if it was a fixable problem or completely dead. While he and Tess were there, Alex dropped by, then Elizabeth came with her fiancé’ Guy. He bought a new motorcycle and wanted to show everyone, it is a beauty, I can tell you that. It looks like something Batman would ride, so cool!

That night, went online to buy a new dryer, ordered it from Home Depot, then woke up the next morning to what looked like a price reduction. Called the 800 number, spoke to a representative who said, um it looks like you paid the sale price, I said then why is my total this. Then I started laughing and said oh, I also bought the power cord and a new tube thingy, never mind. She burst out laughing, I explained I had only had 3 cups of coffee; she said oh, nothing counts until after the 4th cup. It was a fun exchange and I was happy to have made a call center person’s day a little brighter.

Late lunch, early dinner with the Irishman made the weekend complete, a lovely meal, a great waitress at the Texas Roadhouse was a much needed respite. The Walking Dead Sunday night was awesome, no spoilers, I will just say I was not disappointed and very happy with the outcome. The season finale is next week and I want it to air NOW! However I will have to wait like everyone else.

I know yesterday I was a bit of a downer, however, thanks to some very kinds words from a couple of people I am back to normal. That plus the fact it is very difficult for me to stay down for any amount of time here I sit ready to tackle what this Monday has to offer.

As my mom would say, see ya in the funny papers!

Saying Goodbye

The day I have been dreading, that we have all been dreading, happened yesterday, Nocona went home. The Irishman found her when he got home, he said he thought she was sleeping. She had climbed into a little chair we have and simply went to sleep.
Alex came and said goodbye to his friend and then we took her to Elizabeth’s farm and laid her to rest. She loved the farm so much, it is where she got the chance to do what she was born to do. Round up cattle. Jeff and Elizabeth dug the grave and the four of us said our goodbyes.
I still remember the day she came into our lives, you see I had promised the kids when we got back into a house with a yard we could have a dog. We had two cats, Mickey and Arthur and I seriously thought they would forget about the dog promise. Chewie would come to visit occasionally, I foolishly thought that was enough.
Elizabeth called me one Sunday and said Mom, remember that dog promise, I said vaguely. She said well we found a dog at the lake house and we are bringing her home. I said um what.
Well they brought in the dog, that they had aptly named Nocona, after the place the found her and soon she found her way into everyones heart. She was funny, sweet, loving, territorial, crazy and well, a complete Barsi.
She was the family dog, going with the kids to Jeff’s house on the weekends they were there, when my mom passed away, Nocona stayed with Jeff.
it is fitting he was there to say goodbye to our friend, our companion, family member, you name it she was it.
When I started dating the Irishman and introduced him to her, he fell in love with her as well, it’s hard not to.
She has stayed with all of us, with Jeffrey when I would go out of town if Elizabeth wasn’t able to keep her, with Jeff, Elizabeth and Alex.
The only time she has been parted from us was the 9 hours she was in the vets office without one of us. I know she was scared, wondering if her family had left her. I know in my heart that when I came back for her that was when her stress was relieved.
She lived longer than the vet said she would, yesterday morning she gave no indication she would be leaving. She followed me around, took her medications, ate, drank and went outside.
Now she has no more pain, and as my friend Jan said, Michael is getting his opportunity to be with the Barsi family pet. I know Nocona will take good care of him for me.

Not a Joke

Well here we are, the jokiest day of the year, yes, I did just make up a word, after all it is April 1st, the day when we can make up things.
Yesterday was Easter Sunday, the day Christians around the world celebrate our living, breathing, resurrected Savior. I am proud to be counted among those numbers.
I got to see my children and spend some time with the Irishman, a good day indeed. I hope everyone had a great day and remembered to put Christ in the center of their celebrations. We had a great show on Saturday regarding Easter Sunday and the week leading up to the resurrection celebration. It should be up today on the website in case you missed it. Once again, shameless plug,, all of our previous shows can be heard there, I hope you will give us a listen.
This coming Saturday is a really good show, how to be a Ruth while waiting for your Boaz, I hear and see it over and over. Women lamenting on the fact they don’t have their Boaz, however they are not behaving like a Ruth. In order for God to bring you a good man you have to be a good woman, not perfect, but good. I would also like to point out if a man belongs to someone else, married, engaged, dating; he is not your Boaz. You can’t justify it, God is watching, he sees what you are doing all of the time, so stop.
Spent part of Saturday with Elizabeth Anne, she got a new tattoo, well two of them; she wanted me to get one with her. I told her I would when I turned 50, to commemorate the big birthday, trust me when I tell you she will hold me to it. In thinking on what I will get it will probably be the Aquarius sign, not because I am huge into astrology, I am not, but because I do like the water symbol. Nothing more, nothing less, that is all.
After that it was off to see the Irishman get shaved, if you are new to me I know you are thinking, what. Well I will clarify; he does this every year to raise funds for the Saint Balderick foundation. They fund research to cure cancers that effect children, I am very proud that he does this, it was his fourth year participating. Someone paid $200.00 for him to keep his beard, I paid $100.00 to get it off. Great fun for everyone and lots of money raised for a wonderful cause.
If you want to see his before and after you can check out my Facebook photos if we are friends on FB, if not, I will think about posting them here so all can see the transformation.

The Irishman, Evil or Thoughtful?

I sit here this morning pondering a deep question, is the Irishman evil incarnate or incredibly thoughtful. I know what you are thinking, and yes that is my pondering for today. Why you ask, a very good question indeed. Last night he brought home three boxes of thin mints. Three. I will let that sink in for a moment.
These are my weakness, I only bought one box myself, and yes that box is completely gone, I ate it in one day. Ugh. No I do not feel good about myself for doing that, my weakness for chocolate is well documented. Anyway, this is not about me, it is about the three boxes yelling my name from the kitchen.
He brings them home and says I know these are your favorite. Before you can ask, is this completely altruistic, he can’t eat them, they are definitely not gluten free. So there you have it, three boxes of guilty goodness waiting for me to tear into. Ok, you got me, two and a half now.
Maybe he wants me to be 500 pounds, maybe that’s why he brought them home, or maybe he did it simply because he knows how much I love them and wanted me to have something I enjoy. You decide, I am still up in the air about all of this and what it actually means.
Anyone who knows me knows that I have to analyze everything until I have it completely torn apart and it no longer resembles what it started out as. Yes, I do realize that sounds crazy.


Life is a journey, how many times have we heard that? Isn’t it a bumper sticker? While I get that, and I understand why people say that, I don’t know that I subscribe to it. Life is what you make of it, another cliché, that one I totally get and subscribe to. While we might not have control of what happens in life, we do have control of our reactions to the chaos that makes up this world.
I have had incredibly sad news for several weeks in a row, my heart aches for the ones involved, I don’t feel at liberty to say in a public forum. I am praying for the people where the chaos has invaded, where things are darkest at this point in their lives. I pray for peace most of all, understanding may not come, may never come, however, perhaps peace can pervade.
For the first time in many weeks, I have nothing to do this Friday, I am so excited! I get to just stay home in my pajamas and watch television, maybe clean, do laundry, however stay in my pajamas! I know you are thinking this is not very exciting, well; sometimes you have to have a little down time in order to regroup and come back stronger.
On a completely up note, the Irishman seems to be doing better, he has put on weight and he is back to his normal pale, not the deathly pale he has been sporting for a year. He has more energy and his mood is up, so I am very hopeful for this medication and the treatment he is getting.
My own health is spectacular; so far I have avoided getting any of the illnesses that people are bringing into my vicinity. I give credit to the vitamins and honey; yes I am going to stand by the local honey. No flu here, no colds, no sinus, nothing, yes I am bragging. I did wake up with a headache today; however I believe it is due to the fact that I did not have as much caffeine yesterday as I normally have. As soon as I got up and had a cup of coffee, headache gone, so there you have it.
I hope everyone has a great day, say prayers for people today, even people you don’t know, we all need them.

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