Friday Amazement

So much to write about so little time, let’s start with Friday at the team huddle, where it was decided that my blog should be read. It was regarding the mini tacos from 7-Eleven, still think they are amazing, a party in one’s mouth. So, Victoria starts reading out loud, I thought the topic was mundane enough, wow, was I wrong. My boring words said aloud by Victoria, well, let’s just say that if I ever decide to record my words, she will be the one reading them. She made them sound sexy, I didn’t think that possible, but she did, so, the job is hers if I ever decide to do a podcast.
Jeffrey called me on Friday after work and asked if I would pick up the cake for Tessa’s birthday celebration. Of course I readily agreed, I called Kroger and they are concocting a pink Barbie dream cake, I can hardly wait to pick it up today.
The Irishman is not getting past this illness he has, I do believe it is time to go back to the doctor and figure this thing out once and for all. This is the craziest thing I have ever seen, I hope it is taken care of soon. They figure out what it is and cure him, not fun seeing someone you love being ill.
There are times I wish I were a gourmet chef, I love food so much, however I know if I could really cook, I would be at least 800 pounds. Such a dilemma, I am thinking I might go to Costco this week and see if they have any peaches. Those peaches were so amazing, I might even break diet rules and get some chocolate fudge and pour over them. OMG, the best thing I have ever had in my mouth are chocolate covered peaches. My friend Terri introduced me to them years ago, when I saw her slicing the fresh peaches and then pouring chocolate over them I thought she was nuts. I told her that, are you insane I said, she said, Angie, no, try them. I did and was instantly hooked, so amazing, the chocolatey goodness combined with the sweet juicy peach was just a revelation.
Today is the birthday celebration for Tessa, I am sure it will be wonderful. See you all tomorrow with full details, maybe a picture of the cake.

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