I was thinking about colloquialisms, the ones I grew up with and the ones I still use today, as everyone knows I grew up in Oklahoma, however the speech patterns I was surrounded by were pure Southern. Fixin to, I’ll be there directly, let’s go over yonder and of course my absolute favorite, y’all. I was watching the Andy Griffith show all weekend and the way they spoke is very much the vernacular I grew up hearing. I wish I could sit and jaw awhile but I got to skedaddle. I really miss hearing the dulcet tones of a southern accents telling me if I don’t get my behind in the house before dark I’d get my hide tanned right and proper.
I often think about the language I grew up hearing and how it has shaped my love of words, there are so many ways of saying the same thing. You can say it in a colorful way or you can say it in a mundane way. I prefer the former, I used to love listening to my grandpa tell stories, he told them so fully and colorfully that until I started school I thought he actually knew General George Washington.
If you did not grow up with a southern background, I would love to know some of the colloquialisms you grew up with, please feel free to comment. Also, if there is anyone out there that has something they would like to say to me privately, please feel free to email me at
Yesterday we had a birthday party for Tessa’s birthday, her actual birthday is today, she is 5 years old. I got her a Fancy Nancy outfit, doll and book, she got tons of littlest pet shop things, Barbies and a couple of scooters. This was just our side of the family, of course Jeffrey, Elizabeth Anne, Freddy, Alex, Tessa’s Grammy and Grandpa (my ex and his wife) and myself. The Irishman had to work, so he missed the festivities, I know he hated that he missed them. I was in charge of the cake, it was a pink, princess Barbie dream cake, just adorable in its sparkly pinkness.
It was the perfect finale on the weekend, I hope everyone has a pink sparkly week ahead of them

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