Fun in the Sun

Yesterday was a really great day, it started early, I went and picked up Tessa at 6:30 AM, very early for me on my day off. I also dropped off a chicken casserole for my boys, Jeffrey and Alex, really for Alex because he loves this particular casserole so much. Then whisked Tessa off for a fun-filled day with Lauren and Carolion. She loves being with the Irishman’s girls so much, she cries when she leaves them. Yesterday was fun in the sun day, we went to Surf and Swim in Garland, TX, it was a lot of fun. I highly recommend this place for people with younger children, all it has is a wave pool and a play area for smaller children. No slides or anything like that, so if you are a lone adult with a few children under the age of 12, go here for water fun. You can keep an eye on everyone and it is inexpensive for the day. I got a deal on Groupon for $12.00 for 4 people, seriously can’t beat that. We arrived when they opened at 10:30 and stayed till 2:30, definitely got out moneys worth out of the trip.
Well, it looks as if I am going to have to change the way I buy food, no more willy nilly buying bread and things, will have to look for Gluten free food for the Irishman. It will take some effort but I am sure he can persevere and get healthy.
I am in serious need of a good nights sleep, I think I will achieve that goal tomorrow night, I plan on sleeping hard and good all night long.
Today is my second Monday and tomorrow is real Friday, so yay! I hope everyone has a great day today, enjoy the air conditioning.

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