Who I am

When I read that adults are finally figuring out who they are, I am confused, I think what the hell. I have always known who I am, what I believe in and where I am going, sometimes I take the long way around, but I always get there. If you are in your 30’s, 40’s and 50’s still searching for who you are, you will never know. We are who we are from birth, it is not too hard to look inside yourself and figure it out. If you are a lying whore, you will always be a lying whore. if you are someone who tells the truth no matter what, that is who you will always be.
I have always known who I am, I am Angie, I tell the truth, if I don’t like you I will ignore you, if I believe you are doing something wrong I will call you on it. If you harm me in some way I will find a way to get even, don’t doubt it. Your time is coming, you wont see it coming, it will be as much as a surprise to you as what you did to me was. God help you, because I am merciless.
In other news I took the Irishman to yet another doctor yesterday, he has to have more testing done, however they are on the road to actually figuring out what is wrong with him. Which is good.
I will be taking 3 little girls to a water park today, please pray for me, I need energy, I foresee a giant vitamin B12 in my future. Also a ton of coffee has been consumed already and more is being infused into my blood stream as I type.
As I said I know who I am, a coffee addict, a loyal friend, a keeper of secrets, a mom, a Christian and someone who firmly believes in old testament vengeance. Not necessarily in that order.

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