Strawberry Cake and other Addictions

A few weeks ago Kissa and a I began bugging Kay to make a cake we had dreamed up in our heads, strawberry cake with cream cheese frosting, a fresh strawberry on top drizzled with chocolate sauce. Every day we talked about this cake, we would beg her to make it, she would look at us like we were crazy. Finally, last Monday, she arrived to work with the cake, I, for one thought I had died and gone to heaven. It was too much for me, I had to have it, at that point there was no reasoning, no thought process, just deep desire for this amazing creation. I didn’t care about Weight Watcher points, I just knew deep in my soul that cake was the one for me. With my first bite I knew we were soul mates, the cream cheese frosting was homemade, not out of a container, the way it felt on my tongue, well, I knew that I could not stop at one taste. I ate the whole piece of cake, it was nothing short of amazing. I have no regrets, I would do it again in a heartbeat.
Food is my weakness, if someone showed up at my door with that strawberry cake and some Taco Bueno I would run away with them. My favorite indulgence at Taco Bueno is the Mucho Nachos, they are 49, yes 49 Weight Watcher points. I tend to make that a two day experience, I eat half one day and the other half the next, and it is all I eat all day as I only get 26 points a day. But it is worth it, the seasonings, the blend of the refried beans, the cheddar cheese, mixed with sour cream, guacamole, ground beef and the chips, well it is pure bliss. It is something that allows you to know that you are truly loved.
I have a contentious relationship with food, I love it, it puts weight on me, big time, I would love to be one of those super thin (Tammi) people that eat whatever they want and never gain weight. God did not make me that way, He gave me this deep love of food and put me into a body that is round and will get rounder if I eat everything I want. So, therefore I fight my urges, I am like a meth addict, taking one day at a time to fight my addiction, slipping up at times and getting right back on the wagon the next day.
I wonder if anyone else has any addictions like I do, not drugs or alcohol but food, television, word games things I am addicted to. Let me know.
I hope everyone has a fantastic Sunday, go to the pool, or lake, the pond or create a puddle outside, stay cool and enjoy life.

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