Proper Vetting

Finally someone will hold Penn State accountable for their, inaction is not the right word, they knew what was going on, turned a blind eye and kept the offender not only employed, but gave him privileges after he retired. They enabled a serial child molester to keep doing what he was doing, which was to hurt young boys. They didn’t care, after all the children he was hurting were the throw away children, the boys that came from broken homes, low income homes. Who had no chance of paying the steep admission into their club, the club being Penn State, who cares if this man hurts a few young boys from broken homes they probably thought. Now they know, the whole country cares, this should be a lesson for all single mothers out there, keep your children close and question everyone who wants contact with them. Especially contact that enables adults to be alone with the children, I know you are going to argue you can’t be hyper vigilant, well, yes you can. I was, I didn’t allow anyone to be alone with my children unless they were properly vetted, you think I’m kidding but I’m not. Even today when they are adults, I am choosy about who I introduce them to, of course now I have to think about Tessa as well.
People this is not that hard, protect your children! Seriously, when you become a parent it is not about you anymore, you take a back seat, you are not the most important thing in your world. Your children are, whether you have one or 20, take responsibility, just because someone is deemed important in your community don’t be flattered they want to mentor your child. Trust your instincts, more than one parent of these boys did and went to authorities, they were ignored, it is shameful what went on in that whole college town.
Whew, heavy subject for a Monday, I hope you all have a great day, stay cool, literally.

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