Summer Fun

Well it was another jam-packed weekend, Friday Tessa was supposed to come spend the night, however she was not feeling very well, so she was not able to. So I pick up the Irishman’s girls and they play until bed time, then the next day it was the pool for some water and sun fun. The amazing news came that Tess was all better and able to come and spend the night Saturday night. What great news! She came and the three of them had a grand time, playing outside with bubbles and chasing not one but two squirrels up a tree. Tessa is absolutely convinced that she is going to capture one for a pet one day.
Then it was bedtime and Sunday morning it was off to Target to get a swimsuit for Tess then fun in the sun and water. 4 hours of fun, thank goodness for SPF 50, the Irishman’s children are still pale and Tessa is a nice golden brown. With Italian and Native American heritage, well she is going to be able to tan to a golden brown without burning.
Not much sleep last night, Sunday nights are hard for me in the sleep department, it is ever allusive until around 1 AM, then I fall deeply asleep only to be awakened by the soothing tones of Andrea True Connection. Jarring is what it is, I so badly want to sleep, however I will not get that until tonight, then I will be out like a light.
This week will be a busy one, as Jess has me working on my day off, someone tell me why I did not choose the install time for the UVerse??? I could have done that without asking him! I could have chosen a later time, oh the woes of being a good friend!

2 Replies to “Summer Fun”

  1. A good friend indeed! Thanks for helping him. Only good karma is allowed, so please kick out anyone or anything with bad mojo!!


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