Freedom of Religion

I have kept silent on this issue for a long time and with recent events I feel the need to express my thoughts. I want to get this straight, people are shocked and outraged that a company, that has not hidden the fact that the owners are Christian, are against gay marriage. Also people are shocked and outraged by Kirk Cameron saying he is against gay marriage. First off, let’s consider what happened here, both of these people were asked a question point-blank about their views on the topic. Both answered honestly. They did not take a full-page ad out in the paper, they didn’t specifically go on television to say these things. They answered a question honestly, and also, last time I looked this country still has freedom of religion (oh yeah the reason the pilgrims first came here) and freedom of speech.
Why so much vitriol directed at these two entities? Why are people so shocked? Seriously, everyone has the right to believe the way they do, in this country, not all countries. Are you going to boycott products from countries that kill gay people? Perhaps you all should research all of the things you purchase since you are so morally upright and fight for gay rights. Let’s get real, shall we, this is a hot topic right now, a hot button if you will. People are jumping a the bandwagon, seeing the people who don’t agree with them as the enemy.
When I don’t agree with someones views, I talk to them about what they believe and why, at times we have a friendly debate, others, we agree that we don’t see eye to eye on this subject but shall remain friends. I do not vilify them for what they believe, I don’t call them names, I don’t see them as my enemy, unless they are killing people over said views. That is a whole different story, I guess I was raised differently, I was raised in a household that believed in good old-fashioned debates, friendly banter and at the end of the day America was still the best country. Freedom of Religion was its foundation, Freedom of Speech was appreciated, for if we go in silence we never know the views of anyone, until it is too late. I believe Germany learned a lesson on that one.
In conclusion, I would like everyone to take a moment, reflect on their own behavior over this whole mess, appreciate that you have the freedom to say what you think. And respect others for their freedom as well.

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