Old Friends and New Beginnings

So yesterday I got to feel moderately helpful, went to BBFF’s new house and was able to boss around two premise technicians and two installation and repair technicians. No, I really bossed around no one, I was only there for moral support. Here is the really amazing thing, one of the prem techs, Juan is the brother of one of the people I work with, Miguel, what a small world. Then they tell me they are calling out an I&R tech as there are issues and he gets there and it is my old friend Quentin from my service rep days! What a great day.
Have I mentioned my rousing bout of sword fighting? Yes, I was challenged to a dual, BBFF’s little boy challenged me, he had a terrific light saber, light up and made noise, while I was given a yellow bat like thing. I don’t know who won, I just know it was a blast.
Also while there, got to catch up with BBFF parental units, always a good time catching up with them. Just an all around great family, the house was filled with hustle and bustle and brimming with activity. Very happy for him as this is really a great house, one that humans actually make into a home. Great neighborhood, great house and I foresee many great memories being made by him and his son.
I admit I am completely worn out, the heat has done me in, I cannot take it, I am begging God for snow. If I have to endure this kind of summer can I please have a real winter, this is too much.
Well that is all I have for now, looking forward to a weekend spent in my pajamas, OMG I almost totally forgot, I came home to my brand new Betsey Johnson Pajamas waiting for me, thank you RueLaLa, I love them. My day is complete. I shall sign off now, I leave you with one thought, think snow.

One Reply to “Old Friends and New Beginnings”

  1. Said 6 year old talked about the fun he had as well. Plus M&D had a great time as well. They mentioned what a wonderful People Person you are. I had to let my brain catch up with that for a second, because that is such an obivious statement I had to figure out why it even needed to be said! Thanks for all your help!


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