I am still so very tired, however it is Friday and that makes me so very happy. I am determined to sleep in tomorrow, untill at least 8am to even 9am, that would be just the most amazing thing ever.
The Irishman is getting better, which is good, hopefully he will gain some weight back soon. I never sy that about me, nor do I know anyone else who says that about themselves. Only him, he is still so very thin, I have to admit, I was very worried for a while.
I wish I could get a disease that makes me lose weight like that. It would be so amazing if that would happen. I would really love to be so thin people look at me and say “wow she needs to eat something!” That has never happened to me, I would so love for that to be said to me just once in my lifetime!
One good disease should do the trick, nothing huge, just an intestinal virus or something like it. So not fair that the skinny people get to be even skinnier.
Well it is that time folks, time for us to choose a new tour here at work. I chose something different for my first choice. I don’t know if I will et my first choice or not, however if I do, I shall be working Monday through Thursday 6am to 5pm. That will give me Friday, Saturday and Sunday off. A three-day weekend every week, not too shabby.
What that means is the Irishman and I will no longer have a day off together. which is fine, because even on our days off together we don’t spend it with each other. So it really doesn’t matter, he is very busy you see not doing things with me. So having a day off together is not that big a deal to him.
I am looking ahead to Christmas, three days off in a row would be great to get things done, like decorating, shopping and yes cooking. Christmas is the only time fo year I actually cook, I make cookies, dressing, a ham you know, nothing fancy as I cannot cook anything fancy.
I cannot wait to go home and go to sleep today, I am so tired. I need a good, uninterrupted nights sleep. I hope you all have a grand Friday, I may get a Starbucks on my lunch break.

One Reply to “Sleep”

  1. It’s ok Freddy and I don’t spend our days off together. But our time is at 10 every night (well just about every night) watching the office.


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