My Training Experience So Far

Yesterday I spent the day in a training class, the class was for people to become Team Leads, I only agreed to go to the class to see how on earth some of these people were becoming Team Leads. Case in point, on 4th of July I had an issue I had to go to a Team Lead to get resolved. I only go to one when I cannot resolve the issues using the tools I have, in other words it needs to go to a group other than us, the only way to that group is through a Team Lead. So, I call, I get this woman, that number one I had no idea she was a team lead and B. it was shocking as I was in the same original training class and know how she struggled with the material. So I have no confidence she is going to be able to comprehend the complex nature of my issue. I was correct, after explaining it no less than three times, she still didn’t understand, I won’t go into specifics, let’s just say I convinced her to take it to the group it needed to go to. I understand once she got there all she could say was I’m new, I’m sorry, to the point they finally said call us you’re not making sense. In the mean time I am monitoring the customers ID and immediately see it hit our server, so whatever they did fixed it. Customers happy, offers of marriage forthwith, blah, blah, blah.
Fast forward to yesterday, I get in the class and she is in there, doing the training! I was like what the heck. Then I notice there is another man, a competent Team Lead doing the actual training,however she chimes in every now and again with some nonsense. This one time I could not let it pass, we are talking about the products we have sold and which ones are legacy (meaning we do not sell them anymore, however customers still have them) the dates they stopped selling them and the regions. She chimes in with oh and the Midwest you’ll see legacy DHCP, I said um no. No you wont, because we never sold that service there. She said ok. I said we only sold PPPoE service there, whether it be dynamic or static, one has always had to authenticate via PPPoE. She then says those words that almost made my head explode, she said, “Well, Angie, a Team Lead doesn’t have to know everything”, I said the only thing I could, “They should know the simple things”.
I mean seriously, one is a Team Lead because presumably they are the best at their job, when I was a Service Rep I was what is called a Back Fill, same thing. I knew everything there was to know about my job. That is why my manager chose me to be a Back Fill, I also did some training, once again, I had to know everything I was training on. I had to be prepared, for this woman to say such a thing is asinine, inane and, well to be honest idiotic. She does not need to be in the position she is in, when you put yourself, and yes, you are putting yourself in that position, no one makes you do it. You are saying to the world, or the work place, I am the best at what I do, I know enough that I can help others do their job. This is crazy that someone who does not know the simplest thing has placed herself in this position. If I had told someone that I didn’t have to know everything when I was a Back Fill those people with 30 years service would have had my lunch. And rightfully so, I would not have said that for the world. Of course I had a lot of confidence in my knowledge level, I still do, what I don’t know, I’ll find out, that’s the way I am. Use your resources before going to someone for help, exhaust everything, but you have to begin with knowing the basics of your job.

On an upside, I made the Chick Fila sandwich, gluten-free, for the Irishman last night. You will have to find out from him if he liked it or not. It’s Friday and I am off to another day in training, wish me luck. Oh BTW she did not come back after break, I think I made her cry. 

2 Replies to “My Training Experience So Far”

  1. I was once in that position (Team Lead). The reason we were team leads was because we did know everything. That was our job. I am now in that “other group” now, and sad to say, this person is not an isolated case. We see basic stuff being taken to us every day. Back when I was team lead, I would have been removed as a team lead pretty quick if I’d taken some of the basic stuff to our group.


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