Weekend Noodle

Once again I sit here facing Monday, I always have a hard time on Monday as I find it difficult to fall asleep on Sunday night. I wish it were easy but it isn’t, perhaps others can empathize with me.
This weekend was crazy busy, it started off Friday evening with me delivering Dr Who DVD’s to BBFF, then dinner at Gloria’s, very nice. Very entertaining, BBFF is very good company, although he once again reminded me I am in charge of finding him a girlfriend. So I am putting the word out, looking for a nice, cute, geeky girl for handsome, funny, geeky boy. Late 20’s to early 40’s please apply.
Saturday was a me day, I admit it, I first had my hair done, once again Beatrice outdid herself, I look fabulous. Then it was a spa day for me, I was fully pampered at the Pure Day Spa in Frisco, TX. First on the menu was a massage, I have never had a massage by a man masseur before. It was wonderful, I prefer a firmer massage and he was pitch perfect, and he didn’t chat. I was able to fully relax with being expected to make conversation, what a treat! I was finally using the Valentines gift the Irishman had given me. I had champagne, strawberries and was able to relax, please go there and ask for Todd. He was amazing. Next on the menu was a chemical peel and microdermabrasion session with Van. She was also great, not real chatty so once again I was able to relax and enjoy my time with her. The Pure Day Spa was simply amazing, you have to go, when you do be sure and ask for Todd and Van, both professional and good at what they do.
I was a complete noodle after that and just went home, ate my leftover nachos and watched TV, it felt wonderful to do so. I cannot begin to explain how all of that made my Saturday less painful, it was the 9th anniversary of my mother’s passing. I dread the day, I hate it, even though I know she is home, with my dad and incredibly joyous. I miss her, I miss her gentle humor, her wisdom and I miss someone in my life giving me unconditional love. When one loses their mother, well that is when you realize no one on earth will ever love you as much as she does. If your mom is still alive, hug her, giver her a call, tell her how much she means to you and how much you appreciate everything she has done for you in your life.

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